Confederate Soldiers at Coon Hill Cemetery

 Santa Rosa County, Florida


Campbell, Daniel A., 5th Sgt. Co. C, 3rd Bn. Fla. Cav. 1/22/1837 – 10/02/1905


Campbell, Duncan J., Pvt. Co. C, 3rd Bn. Fla. Cav.  4/02/1833 – 5/04/1882


Campbell, Malcolm L., Pvt. Co. C, 3rd Bn. Fla. Cav. 2/16/1843 – 2/22/1910


Carpenter, Charles Edward, no rank, Co. C, 3rd Bn. Fla. Cav. 11/08/1831 – 11/16/1907


Davis, J.W., Pvt. Co. C, 1st Fla. Reserves 8/23/1804 -12/24/1881


Diamond, James H., Fla. Home Guards 7/27/1848 – 10/17/1928


Diamond, John, McMillan’s Fla. Home Guards 6/16/1814 – 8-19-1908


Diamond, William M., 5th Sgt. Co. B, 3rd Bn. Fla. Cav. 2/6/1838 – 2/02/1916


Mayo, Frederick B., Pvt. Co. C, 3rd Bn. Fla. Cav. 4/20/1831 – 4/07/1910


McDavid, James E., no rank, Co. D, 15th Confederate Cav. 2/10/1835 – 8/05/1907 


McMillan, John E., Pvt. Co. B, 3rd Bn, Fla. Cav. 10/31/1830 – 8/03/1864


McMillan, Neill, Pvt. Co. E, 15th Confederate Cav. 10/23/1806 - 3/20/1874


Middleton, John F., Pvt. Co. K, 1st Fla. Inf. 1836 - 1867


Williams, William Larkin, Pvt. Co. H, 7th Fla. Inf. 2/28/1807 - 7/08/1900


Compiler’s Note: The cemetery has recently (2003) experienced a level of vandalism that defies description. Presently, attempts are underway to repair the damage. 


Directions: The cemetery is located southwest of the Brownsdale community. From the store (on 197) proceed south 1½ miles on Highway 197. Look for a paved road on the right in a left curve. The side road appears to go straight. Follow the side road to intersection and follow right and proceed due west past several homes and a crop duster hanger (on left). The road will turn to dirt and turn to the southwest. Look for a graded dirt road on the right approx 1 ½ miles past the crop duster hanger. Turn right, cross McDavid Creek drainage (a new culvert installed summer 2003) and follow to end. The cemetery is behind a locked gate and requires a short walk. It is visible from the parking area.