Adams, A.J. pg.27, 155,156
Adams, Jack pg.31
Adams, Laura E. wife of A.J. pg.27
Adams, Mariah West? Pg.98
Allen, A.H. widower of Margaret E. pg.494, 495
Allen, Charles H. aged four years, son of A.H.& Marg. E. pg.494, and 495
Allen, Margaret E. dec’d pg.494, 495
Allen, Mary wife of William pg. 344,345
Allen, William J. pg.344, 345,492
Amos, Alice wife of Richard pg.131
Amos, Joseph W. pg.37, 137,138,170,444,445
Amos, Nancy A. wife of Joseph pg.137, 138
Amos, Richard pg.131, 132
Anderson, Anna wife of W.V. pg.360, 361
Anderson, Anna wife of William pg.126, 127
Anderson, Archibald pg.80, 81
Anderson, W.V. pg.355, 356,360,361
Anderson, William E. pg.126, 127,155,156,170
Artis, Charles pg.5
Atkinson, David pg.413, 421,422
Atkinson, S.F. wife of David pg.413
Axelson, Frederick pg.416, 417
Aymard, Lewis pg.80-82
Bagdad Sash Factory pg.137
Baggett, John W. pg.92-94
Baggett, Josephine wife of John pg.92-94
Baker, Beverly pg.221, 222
Baker, Jennie M. wife of Beverly pg.221, 222
Barkum?, Winnie? dec’d pg460, 461
Barnes, Isaiah pg.431, 432,433
Barnes, Mary M.J. wife of Isaiah pg.431, 432,433
Barnhill, J.D. pg.148, 149
Barrow Mill pg.114
Batchelder Criglar & Co. pg.205
Batchelder Criglar & Pooley Co. pg.205
Batchelder, George F.R. pg.205
Beal, Frances wife of E.H. pg.41, 42
Beal, Joseph F. pg.41, 42,137,210
Benbow, Nelson, Bond for Assault / intent to murder of Jacob Williams pg.200, 201
Benbow, Robert- Bond for Nelson pg.200, 201
Benevolent Colored Cemetery Association of Milton pg.258, 259,260,280
Bingdorf, Joseph (OH) pg.17
Bingdorf?, E.A. wife of Joseph (OH) pg.16, 17
Bird, Georgianna wife of Griffin pg.496, 497
Bird, Griffin pg.102, 496,497
Black, Charles & Son pg.173, 205
Black, Charles E. pg.173, 205
Black, Charles pg.173, 205
Block, Alexander (Ala) pg.357
Board of Education pg.25, 29,89,129,130,273,274,275,308,398
Bolling, R.E. (Ala) pg.357
Bonifay, Rose pg.207, 208
Botts, John W. pg.28, 47,48,342,343
Botts, Lucy Ann wife of John pg.28, 29
Botts, Mattie wife of John pg.342, 343
Botts, William F. pg.48, 49
Bowers, E.G. pg.350
Bowers, Henry pg.350
Bowers, William pg.351
Bray, G.W. pg.193
Bray, Henry pg.112-117, 191,192,193
Bray, John pg.19, 193
Brazelton, Jane E. (IL) pg.485, 486
Brewton, Nancy pg.459, 460
Brewton, Sarah E. wife of William (Ala) pg.140, 141
Brewton, William B. (Ala) pg.374
Brewton, William J. (Ala) pg.140, 141,373,374
Brown, Andrew J. pg.323, 492
Brown, Augustus pg.312
Brown, James pg.426
Brown, John D. pg.95, 96,97
Brown, Levi C. pg.434, 435,436,437
Brown, Mary wife of Levi pg.434, 435,436
Brown, Sarah C. wife of John pg.95, 96,97
Bryan, Elijah dec’d pg.20
Burke, W.P. pg.126
Bush, Hiram P. pg.92, 95
Bushnell, Sarah A. (CT) pg., 155,156
Byrne, Elizabeth J. wife of Robert & Heir of James J. McCaskill pg.329, 330,331,332
Byrne, Robert D. pg.329, 330,331,332
Campbell, Malcolm pg.146, 147
Campbell, Richard L. pg.205
Carey, John P. pg.198, 199,288,289
Carlowitz, Amanda wife of John pg.223, 224
Carlowitz, John pg.223, 224
Caro, John H. ph.107, 108
Castleberry Land Co. (Ala) pg.140, 141,207,373
Cawthorn, Thomas pg.121, 122
Chadwick, Mary Jane pg.376
Chaffin & Co. pg.132, 133,134,187,226,230,252,253,254,256,346
Chaffin, Frank A. pg.77, 78
Chaffin, James A. pg.66, 186,246,247
Chain, John pg.12, 290,291,292
Chain, Julia A. Tanner?  Marriage contract to John Chain pg.290, 291,292
Chipley, W.G. pg.15, 16,17,102,145,170,171,350,489,490
Clark, J.F. pg.428
Cleghorn, H.S. (Business) Tax Collector pg.418, 419,420,427
Cleghorn, H.S. (Personal) pg.396, 397
Clubbs, A.V. pg.169, 170
Clubbs, Kate wife of A.V. pg.169, 170
Cobb, B.A. pg.130, 131
Cobb, Burkett pg.398
Cobb, Farrow? H. Jr. pg.33, 34,53,130,131,305,306,407,408
Cobb, Hull pg.340
Cobb, Mary J. pg.204
Codd, William C. (MD) Hired John Lang to build Steamboat pg.158
Collins, Patrick pg.441, 442
Collins, W.D.J. pg.394, 499-518,521-524,531-548
Collins, William J. pg.196
Collinsworth, A. pg.70
Colored Baptist Church  & Meeting pg.258, 259,260
Corner Brick Store occupied by G.A. Creary pg.245
Cotton, James pg.254
Cotton, Leanna wife of James pg.254
Crain, Lewis pg.170
Creary, George A. pg.8, 47,48,49,51,72,80,82,131,133,134,178,179,183,208,209,241,245,396,491,497,529,530
Creary, Harry L. pg.310
Creary, J.E. pg.155, 156,173,174,175,181
Creary, S.A. wife of W.F. pg.219, 220
Creary, Sarah A. wife of George pg.72, 80,81,82,133,134
Creary, W.F. pg.219, 220
Criglar, William L. pg.205
Curch, Andrew dec’d pg.256
Curch?, Lucinda wdw. of Andrew pg.256
Davidson, Elizabeth pg.55, 56,57,58,59,374,375
Davidson, William pg.405, 406
Davidson, Yeoman pg.37, 55-59,151,374,375,390,391,392
Davis, Anderson pg.163
Davis, James V. pg.171, 172,178,179,180
Davis, Mary daug. of Fortune & Eliz. Whitkins wife of James pg.108, 171,172,178,179,180
De Vedig?, Caroline pg.135, 136
De Vedig?, Ernest pg.135, 136
Deall, Frederick J. pg.374, 375
Debog, John pg.525
Devaughn, Ben pg.1
Devaughn, Winnie pg.1
Diamond, Eliza wife of John pg.377, 378
Diamond, John pg.377, 378,395
Diamond, Sarah L. wife of William pg.377, 378
Diamond, William M. pg.377, 378
Dixon, A.B. pg.90, 91,164,165
Dixon, Abram H. pg.170
Dorr, C.H. pg.15, 102,145,170,171,350
Dowd, C. (N.C.) pg.359
Duncan, Amerilla pg.235
Duncan, Carrie pg.235
Duncan, Charles Thomas pg.440, 441
Duncan, Giles pg.232, 233,234,235
Duncan, James pg.292, 293,439,440,441,442
Duncan, Nelson pg.439
Duncan, Rena pg.235
Duncan, William pg.235
Dunlap, David R. dec’d pg.357
Dunlap, Virginia V. (Ala) pg.357
Dunsford, William pg.112, 113
Easley, Alexander dec’d pg.230
Easley, Henrietta wdw. of Alexander pg.230
Eddins, Francis M. pg.115, 116
Elliott, Charles pg.54, 55
Elliott, John pg.520, 521
Elliott, Mary Jane wife of John pg.520, 521
Ellis, James M. pg.248, 249
Ellis, John B. pg.3, 4,161,162,166,167
Ellis, John G. pg.239, 240
Ellis, Mary E. wife of John G. pg.239, 240,248
Ellis, Nellie wife of John pg.161, 162
Emmett, Malinda C. (Ala) formerly of Santa Rosa Co. pg.371, 372,373
Ferguson, John pg.249, 250
Ferguson, Mary E. wife of John pg.249, 250
First National Bank of Pensacola pg.328, 383
Fisher, Frederick (MS) pg.69, 70,71,72,73,80,81
Forcheimer, M. (Ala) pg.201, 202
Fowler, Grace Mrs. pg.249, 250
Fowler, Katie wife of Robert pg.347, 349
Fowler, Robert pg.347, 348,349
Fowler, William pg.249, 250
Franklin, W.W. pg.208, 209
Franklin, Wyatt pg.443, 444
Frater & Roberts pg.429, 430
Frater, John W. pg.429, 430
Fryer, Clara B wife of Louis pg.145
Fryer, Louis pg.145
Gainor Bro.’s pg.43, 44,45
Gainor William H. (Ala) pg.43, 44,45,201,202,480,481,482
Gainor, Ella M. wife of James pg.43, 44,45
Gainor, James C. pg.43, 44,45,46,201,202
Gainor, Mary A. (Ala) wife of W.H. pg.43, 44,45,46,480,481,482
Garret, Rebecca J. wife of John pg.6, 7
Garrett, John S. pg.5, 6,7
Garrett, T.J. pg.177
Gary, Harriet wife of Ned & Heir of Winnie? Barkum? Pg.460, 461
Gary, Ned pg.460, 461
Gaskins, Catherine wife of Thomas pg.231
Gaskins, James M. pg.412
Gaskins, Thomas pg.231
Gay, Amanda wife of Wiley (Ala) pg.456, 457
Gay, John W. (Ala) pg.87, 88
Gay, Lizzie C. wife of John (Ala) pg.87, 88
Gay, Wiley L. (Ala) pg.456, 457
Gibson, John pg.324, 325,326,453
Gibson, Mary M. wife of John pg.325, 326
Gilbert, James pg.491
Gilmore, J.W. pg.357, 358
Golson, Florida C. Mrs. Pg.40, 105,106
Golson, Lewis P (Business) Clerk of Court pg.90, 91,106-110,164,165,177,178,186,187,193-195,197-199,210,276-279,382
Golson, Lewis P. (Personal) pg.29, 492
Golson, William C. pg.29
Green, A.H. pg.18, 34,35,320,321,322,365-368,379,380,381,428,465,467,468,471,472,473,474
Green, A.H. Store in the Village of Bagdad pg.365
Green, Lauretta V. wife of A.H. pg.34, 35,320,321,322,368,379,380,381,428,471,472,473
Green, Sarah (Ala) pg.2, 3
Green, W.W. (Ala) pg.2, 3
Griffin, Elizabeth Weekley dec’d pg.341
Griffin, Levi son of Elizabeth pg.341
Guest, Matthew pg.453, 454
Guest, Susanna wife of Matthew pg.453, 454
Gundersheimer, A. pg.188, 438,439
Hall, James M.W. (MA) pg.360, 361
Halsford Harris & Co. pg.236
Hamilton, George M. dec’d pg.243, 244
Hamilton, George W. pg.189, 190,191,232,233,243,244
Hamilton, Susan wife of George pg.190, 191,232,233
Hannah, John Capt. pg.45, 201,202,347,348
Harden & Hearst Store pg.68
Harp, Elizabeth A. pg.467, 468,469,470,471,472
Harp, W.H. pg.467, 468,469,470,471,472
Harrison, J. Augustus pg.25, 50,52,241,242
Harrison, J.H. pg.123, 124
Harrison, Julia R. wife of Lewis pg.25, 26,51
Harrison, Lewis L. pg.25, 26
Harrison, W.W. dec’d pg.241
Hart, Allen pg.122, 123
Hart, Daniel pg.399
Hart, Jerry? Pg.120, 121
Hawthorn, Anthony pg.64
Healy, Mary pg.474, 475
Hedgman, Elizabeth pg.314
Heinburg Bro.’s pg.365, 366
Heinburg, C.J. pg.365
Heinburg, Herman pg.365
Henderson, Ashford pg.53
Henderson, Mary pg.139, 140
Hicks, Louisa pg.192, 193
Himis?, Mariah pg.253
Hinote, Allen pg.466
Hinote, Green B. (Ala) pg.466, 467
Hinote, Sallie wife of G.B. (Ala) pg.466, 467
Hogan, Nathan pg.496
Hopkins, Noah (Ala) Bond for carrying a concealed Pistol pg.335, 336
Horn, Jerry pg.346, 347,399
Hughes, J.E. pg.118-125, 142,143,144,146,147,148,149,150
Hulse, Sarah H. pg.488, 489
Hurd, Joseph pg.455
Hymis, Maria pg.243, 244
Irvin, W.T. pg.34, 35
Jackson, Lewis L. pg.255
Jefferson, Alice wife of Thomas pg.314, 315
Jefferson, Thomas pg.314, 315
Jernigan Grist Mill pg.54, 55
Jernigan, Alonzo pg.270
Jernigan, Benjamin M. pg.280
Jernigan, Curtis pg.270, 271,366,400
Jernigan, Edward pg.270, 287
Jernigan, Fern (Ala) pg.372, 373
Jernigan, Frances pg.66, 246,247,252,270
Jernigan, James pg.342
Jernigan, Joseph dec’d pg.270
Jernigan, Joseph pg.54, 55,159,160
Jernigan, M.S. Cobb wife of Edward pg.287
Jernigan, Margaret H. wife of James pg.342
Jernigan, Martha E. wife of Curtis pg.400
Jernigan, Martha pg.176
Jernigan, T.J. pg.386, 456,457
Jernigan, Taylor (Ala) pg.372, 373
Jernigan, W.H. Jr. (Ala) pg.372, 373
Jernigan, William (Ala) pg.372, 373
Johnson, Charles pg.55, 56,57,226
Johnson, David pg.27, 364
Johnson, Emily A. wife of William pg.77, 78,193,194,195,197,198,487
Johnson, Laura wife of Charles pg.226
Johnson, William J. (Business) Shrf. pg.236, 237
Johnson, William J. (Personal) pg.79, 218,371,372,487
Johnston, Thomas A. pg.87, 88
Jones, Lewis pg.114, 115
Jones, Martha wife of Lewis pg.114, 115
Jones, Mary A. pg.92
Jones, Seaborn pg.132, 134
Judge, Martha F. pg.128, 129,334,376
Judge, William pg.128, 129,272,276,277,278,279,334,376
Kehoe & Baker pg.402
Kehoe, J.F. pg.221, 222,474,475
Kehoe, V.A. wife of J.F. pg.221, 222
Kent, A.F. pg.118
Keyser, Harriet Swift pg.10, 106,107,108,109,110,273,274,275,280,492,493
Keyser, W.S. pg.176
Kieling, Ida J. wife of W.O. Pg.128, 334,403,404,405
Kieling, W.O.  pg.334, 403,404,405,497,498
Kimmons, A.J. pg.483, 484
Knowles, W.F. (Ala) pg.429
Kramer, Lewis (PA) pg.329, 330
Ladies Union Benevolent Society pg.273, 274
Landrum, James M. pg.79, 80
Landrum, Mary wife of James pg.79, 80
Lane & Bodley Co. (OH) pg.369, 370
Lane, Andrew J. (GA) pg.434, 435,436
Lane, Andrew J. pg.69, 72,73,80,81
Lane, Hettie Ellen wife of Smith pg.72, 73,74
Lane, Smith pg.69, 72,73,74,81
Lang, John W.  Hired to build a Steamboat / with dimensions named Lillie of Bay Point pg.158, 159
Laughton, Mary pg.155, 156
Le Barron, Florence R. pg.38
Le Barron, Jane wife of Thomas (Ala) pg.38, 39
Le Barron, Thomas (Ala) pg.38, 39
Lee, Frank A. pg.184
Lee, Joseph pg.525
Lewis Bear & Co. pg.380, 381
Lindsey, Charity wife of Martin (Ala) pg.386, 456,457
Lindsey, Martin (Ala) pg.386, 456,457
Locke, David (Ala) pg.74, 75,77
Locke, Zenia wife of David (Ala) pg.74, 75,77
Love & Charity Society - Macon Star Tabernacle # 4 pg.309
Mapp, H.H. pg.74, 75,76
Margroff, Alisha pg.166, 167,168
Margroff, Augustus pg.167, 168
Marquis & Co. pg.70, 71,72,73,81
Marquis, George Sr. pg.69, 70,80,151,152
Marquis, Mary R. wife of George Sr. pg.151, 152
Marsh, Joseph pg.67, 68
Martin, W.F. pg.449, 450
Mason, Joseph pg.43, 44,45
Masonic Lodge pg.79
Mathews, Anna C. wife of Joel (LA) pg.83
Mathews, Joel E. (LA) pg.83
Maxwell, Augustus E. pg.355, 356
Mayer Bro.’s pg.132, 133,134
Mayer, R. pg.272, 276,277,278,279
McArthur, Cora minor child of James pg.423, 424
McArthur, Ethel minor child of James pg.423, 424
McArthur, James C. dec’d pg.423, 424
McArthur, Kate C. widow of James pg.423, 424
McCarthy, P.M. pg.250, 465
McCarthy, P.M. Survey & Map pg.251
McCarthy, Sarah E. wife of P.M. Pg.249, 250
McCaskill, Allen L. pg.329, 330,331
McCaskill, E.A. pg.329, 330,331
McCaskill, E.D. pg.329, 330,331
McCaskill, Elias pg.147, 148
McCaskill, Georgianne pg.329, 330,331
McCaskill, Margaret H.  wife of E.A. pg.329, 330,331
McCaskill, Martha pg.329, 330,331
McCaskill, Mary Ann widow of James J. pg.329, 330,331,332
McCaskill, Mary wife of Allen pg.329, 330,331
McCaskill, Mollie pg.329, 330,331
McCombs, Francis wife of John pg.424, 425
McCombs, John pg.424, 425
McCory, Mary Ellen pg.431
McDavid, Daniel F. pg.287
McDavid, David M. pg.287
McDavid, H.C. pg.287
McDavid, Joel pg.170, 287
McDavid, W.C. pg.287
McDougall, C.C. pg.418, 419,420,427
McGehee, John M. pg.211, 212
McKaskill, James J. dec’d pg329
McKellan, Aaron pg.203
McKellan, Virginia wife of Aaron pg.203
McMillan, Angus dec’d pg.139
McMillan, Ann Elizabeth daug. Of Mary Henderson & widow of Angus pg.139
McMillan, Neil C. pg.29
McWhorter, George G. pg.212, 213,214,215,216,221,307,462,463,482,487
McWhorter, Mary L. pg.462, 463
Merchants Bank of Pensacola pg.327, 383
Merdinger, Charles (IL) pg.69, 70,71,72,73,81
Merdinger, Gertrude (IL) pg.69, 70,71,72,73
Merkley, H.D. pg.369, 370
Merkley, J.J. pg.409
Methodist Episcopal Church South pg.492
Miller, Eli pg.228
Miller, Louis pg.392
Milligan & Co. pg.66
Milligan Chaffin & Co. pg.203, 204,225,227,228,229,231,253,255
Milligan, Caroline wife of Rufus pg.21, 22,23,24,324,325,326
Milligan, Martha Mrs. pg.382, 463
Milligan, Mary Eliza Miss pg.137, 138
Milligan, Rufus pg.21, 22,23,24,66,137,324,325,326,449,450
Milligan, Sumpter B. pg.21, 22,23
Milligan, William F. pg.21, 22,23
Milton Buzz saw Newspaper pg.137
Milton Clarion?? Newspaper pg.296
Milton Ferry Franchise pg.132, 134
Milton Post Office pg.44
Mims, Fannie pg.459, 460
Mints, Cecelia M. wife of John pg.74, 76
Mints, John J. pg.37, 38,444,445
Mitchell, David pg.448
Mitchell, Sarah F. wife of David pg.448
Monroe, Adell pg.462
Monroe, Henry Campbell pg.462
Monroe, James Mims pg.462
Monroe, Lizzie E. Mrs. Pg.161, 162
Moore, A.A. pg.394
Moore, Harrison pg.31, 32
Moore, Robert pg.599
Moore, Sierra wife of Harrison pg.31, 32
Morris, William pg.264
Morton, Howard (N.Y.) pg.402, 482,483
Morton, William Chase (VA) pg.482, 483
Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church pg.259, 260
Murray, Thomas & Co. pg.205
Newman, Fannie pg.40
Newman, George pg.320, 480,481
Norris, Oliver pg.449, 450
Norton, Charles H. (N.Y.) pg.387, 388,389,390
Norton, E. Malanie Richards wife of Charles (N.Y.) pg.387, 388,389,390
O’ertring??, Charles McKenzie pg.58, 59
Odom, Anderson pg.61
Oglesby, George W. pg.353
Ollinger Land Plat pg.155
Ollinger, Joseph Sr. pg.1-6, 9-13,35,36,60,62-65,75,76,84,85,135-157,163,164,188,200,201,223,239,240,248,249,309,344,345,359,403,413-415,423,424,438,443,451,452,494,495,527,528
Ollinger, Sarah pg.35, 36,163
Orange, Ruth wife of Willis pg.458, 459
Orange, Willis pg.458, 459
Otis, S.R. pg.216, 217
Overman, Benjamin dec’d pg.355, 356
Owens, Bidy wife of Jesse pg.445, 446
Owens, Caroline pg.460, 461
Owens, Frank pg.15
Owens, Jackson pg.191
Owens, Jesse pg. 445,446
Owens, Mary wife of Jackson pg.191, 192
Page, Thomas B. pg.66
Patrick, A.M. pg.479, 480
Patrick, Lucinda wife of A.M. pg.479
Patrick, Pearl C. daug. of A.M. & Lucinda pg.479
Patterson, Martin pg.78
Peaden, Dallas pg.99, 100
Pendleton, Clara A. pg.424, 425
Pendleton, J.W. pg.432, 433
Pensacola & Atlantic R.R. Co.  pg. 13,14,100,101,103-105,212-216,267-269,282,283,288,289,312,313,337-339,353,354,405,406,416,417,421,422,451,452,477,478,527-530
Pensacola Marine & Railway Co. pg.261, 262,327,328,332,333,383,384
Perkins, Alfred pg.227
Perrinot, C.J. pg.51
Perry, Edward A. pg.181, 182,392,393,483,484
Perry, W.V. wife of Edward pg.393, 484
Pfinnighausen, Bernard (AR) pg.257
Pfinnighausen, Gothard E. (MO) pg.263, 410,411
Pfinnighausen, Reinold, widower (IL) pg.257, 263,410,411,485
Phillips, Eli pg.305, 306
Phillips, Newton T. pg.305, 306
Phillips, W.S. pg.407, 408
Pooley Nichols & Co. pg.205
Pooley, John C. pg.205
Potter, W.W. pg.236
Powell, A.C. pg.150, 151
Powell, Andrew T. (Ala) pg.409, 410,463,464
Powell, Mollie L. wife of Andrew (Ala) pg.409, 463,464
Purvis, Thomas pg.117
Rhodes, Charlotte pg.8
Rhodes, Fred pg.246, 247
Rhodes, Joseph pg.8
Rhodes, Rebecca E. wife of Fred pg.246, 247
Richards, E.B. dec’d pg.387
Richards, Ellanor Virginia wife of Gustavus  (CA) pg.265, 266,267,387,388,389,390
Richards, Gustavus W. (CA) pg.265, 266,267,387,388,389,390
Richards, Guy McCleod (CA) pg.265, 266,267
Roberts, J.S. pg.429, 430
Roberts, Mary E. pg.184, 185
Robinson, Amelia M. widow, & Heir of Elijah Bryan (N.Y.) pg.20, 21
Robinson, Thomas R. pg.352
Rushing, Samuel Capt. pg.105, 106
Rutherford, David B. pg.58, 59,107,108
Sanford, J.F. formerly of Tex. Re: covered wagon he brought from Tex. Pg.65
Sanford, John T. pg.400, 401,402
Sanford, Mary T. wife of John pg.401, 402
School House pg.273
Senterfit, M.T. pg.124, 125
Sheppard, Martha C. wife of Robert pg.237, 238
Sheppard, Robert R. (Business) County Clerk pg.60, 61,62,63,64,112,137
Sheppard, Robert R. (Personal) pg.236, 237,238
Shuft, Ellen pg.207, 208
Shuft, Peter pg.207, 208,373
Simonson, Eliza widow  & Heir of Elijah Bryan (N.Y.) pg.20, 21
Simpson & Co. pg.83, 137,155,156,218,219,220,355,356,458
Simpson, S.A. Mrs. Pg.155, 156
Simpson, Susan A. pg.337, 338
Sims, Charles pg.519
Sims, Jane wife of Joseph pg.519, 520
Sims, Joseph pg.519
Sindorf, H.W. pg.492
Skinner & McDavid pg.41, 264
Skinner, Ebenezer H. pg.41, 42,103,129,153,154,285,286,297-301
Skinner, Emory F. pg.20, 287
Small, J.F. (ME) pg.66, 67
Small, Lois A. wife of J.F. (ME) pg.66, 67
Smith, Ida pg.309
Smith, Martin Jr. pg.252
Smith, Thomas pg.309
Snowden, Henry pg.229
Snowden, Rena wife of Henry pg.229
Spears, W.M. pg.142, 143
Spence, Ada wife of J.W. pg.525, 526
Spence, J.W. pg.525, 526
Stallworth, James A. pg.50, 52
Stallworth, Mary Jane pg.51
Stephens, W.J. Surveyor pg.157
Stewart, A.W. pg.15, 16,17,102,145,170,171,350,489,490
Stewart, D.R. pg.143, 144
Stewart, Samuel T. pg.183, 184
Stokes, Edward D. pg.119, 399
Stokes, N.P. (Ala) Bond for Noah Hopkins pg.335, 336
Strickland, Joseph pg.414, 415
Sublett, R.W. pg.489
Sullivan & Cobb pg.33, 34
Sullivan, John pg.33, 34
Sullivan, Kate G. wife of Martin (N.Y.) pg.153, 154
Sullivan, M.H. pg.261, 332,333
Sullivan, Martin (N.Y.) pg.153, 154
Swerting, H.N. Watch maker & Jeweler pg.390, 391,392
Swift, Virginia wife of Zeph.  pg.245, 246
Swift, Zephamiah pg.245, 246
Tate, Walter pg.9, 10
Tax Sales many names listed pg.294-296, 301-305,315-319
Thompson, A.O. Mrs. Pg.155, 156
Thompson, Henry, 68,492
Thompson, J. H. pg.362, 363,364,366,367
Thompson, M. Hester wife of William pg.18, 19,380,381
Thompson, Martha (Ala) formerly of Santa Rosa Co. pg.362, 363
Thompson, W.J. (Ala) formerly of Santa Rosa Co. pg.362, 363.
Thompson, William pg.18, 19,380,381
Village of Chaffin pg.6, 66,92,95
Walker, Lucie H. Mrs. pg.455
Wallace, Nancy M. wife of William (Ala) pg.270, 271
Wallace, William (Ala) pg.270, 271
Walthen, George pg.196, 197
Ward, Americus pg.216, 217
Ward, David pg.242, 243
Ward, Ella wife of John pg.25, 26,84,85,86,87,237,238,310,311
Ward, John G. pg.25, 26,84,85,86,87,236,237,310,311
Watson, Sarah Ann (Ala) pg.367, 368,379
Webb, George H. pg.3, 4,74
West, Frank F. pg.205, 206
Wheeler, Jack W. pg.520
Whitaker, Clara wife of Walker pg.10, 11
Whitaker, Walker pg.10, 11
Whitcomb, Amelia K. (IL) pg.169, 384,385
Whitcomb, Clara A. (IL) pg.385
Whitcomb, Howard S. (IL) pg.384, 385
Whitcomb, R.S. (IL) pg.385
Whitkis?, Elizabeth pg.171, 172,173
Whitkis?, Fortune pg.171, 172,173
Wiley, Martha pg.233, 234
Wilkinson, John pg.282, 283,284,477
Wilkinson, Neil pg.476
Williams, Daniel pg.392
Williams, Francis pg.98
Williams, Jacob pg.200, 225
Williams, Margaret J. wife of Wiley pg.395, 396
Williams, Nellie wife of Jacob pg.225
Williams, Wiley J. (Business) Collector of Revenue pg.60-64,90,91,95,107-109,111,164,165,186,187,193-195,197-199,210,272,276-279,382
Williams, Wiley J. (Personal) pg.110, 111,112,139,377,395,396,401,402,488
Williams, William L. pg.110, 111,112
Willis, Thomas E. pg.89
Willis?, Mary A. pg.323
Windam?, Enos pg.110
Wittick, W.L. pg.447
Wood, David County Judge pg.382
Wood, Rufus C. pg.267, 268,269
Wright, Emily C. wife of Henry pg.393, 484
Wright, George pg.189
Wright, Henry T. (Business) Trustee pg.173, 174,175,205,206
Wright, Henry T. (Personal) pg.155, 156,181,182,307,392,393,483,484