Revolutionary War Record of Josiah Jones, No. 19,500

Territory of Florida
County of Washington

To wit:  Be it known that before me, Henry Clark, a justice of the peace in and for the county and territory afore said, personally appeared Josiah Jones and made oath in due form of law, that he is the identical person named in an original certificate now in his possession of which I certify the following is a true copy.

September 9th 1844, Henry Clark, J.P.
I certify that Josiah Jones of Washington County in the Territory of Florida is entitled to receive pay under the above mentioned act as a surviving drummer of infantry in the North Carolina line of the Army of the Revolution, at the rate of seven dollars and thirty three 1/3 cents a month during his life on the third day of March and third day of September in each year.  It is provided by law that the said pay “shall not in any way be transferable or liable to attachment by or seizure by any legal process whatever.  
Given, under my hand, and the seal of the War Office of the United States, this fifteenth day of October, 1835.
Examined and countersigned
J. L. Edwards (?)					Lewis Cass, Secretary of State
Commissioner of Pensions

That he now resides in the County of Washington in the Territory of Florida and that he has resided here for the space of twelve years, and that previous thereto, he resided in the States of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia

Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 9th of September 1844, Henry Clark, J.P.
Signed by Josiah Jones
Territory of Florida, County of Washington:  I, Jesse B. Lassitter, Clerk of the County Court for the County of Washington in the Territory of Florida, certify that Henry Clark is a magistrate, and that the above and foregoing signature purporting to be his is genuine.  In testimony whereof I have entered into and subscribe my name and affix my seal (there being no seal of office) this the 14th day of September, A.D. 1844
I certify that Jesse B. Lassiter is Clerk of the County of Washington County, Florida.  I am satisfied of the genuineness of his signature.                                    D. Levy
Tallahassee, Nov 19th, 1844

Enclosed are the vouchers of Josiah Jones, pensioner, which I sent to your office for examination.  I have a certificate of his that he has not received a payment since the 4th March 1842.  He is not certain that he received the six months pension prior to that date.  I shall await your instructions of not making him any payments.  I would remark that in all probability by the time these papers are returned the funds in my hands will be disbursed.  

Your Obedient Servant
F. H. Flagg

Account Josiah Jones; pension for Act 15 May 1828, Florida, Act. 6th April 1838 for $132.00; Report 4th IAW 1845.