The 1840 Federal Census of Escambia  County, Florida. (the part East of
Escambia River and Bay of Pensacola), Western Territory Florida,   was taken
by J. C. Allen.   The microfilm copy of the actual census ledgers contained
numerous columns that went across two pages.  In order to present the census
data I have omitted some of the columns, combined some of the columns and
devised the following codes to best show the selected census data.   The names
are presented in the order they are found in the various pages.  If additional
information is required please refer to the microfilm copy of the 1840 census.

         a - males under 5 years of age       n - females under 5 years of age
         b - males of 5 and under 10          o - females of 5 and under 10
         c - males of 10 and under 15         p - females of 10 and under 15
         d - males of 15 and under 20         q - females of 15 and under 20
         e - males of 20 and under 30         r - females of 20 and under 30
         f - males of 30 and under 40         s - females of 30 and under 40
         g - males of 40 and under 50         t - females of 40 and under 50
         h - males of 50 and under 60         u - females of 50 and under 60
         i- males of 60 and under 70         v - females of 60 and under 70
         j - males of 70 and under 80         w - females of 70 and under 80
         k - males of 80 and under 90         x - females of 80 and under 90
         l - males of 90 and under 100        y - females of 90 and under 10
         m - males of 100 and upward          z - females of 100 and upward
         sl  slaves
         fc  free colored

Note:    If the above codes are shown by themselves (with no number
immediately following), there is only one person in that age grouping or other
category above.

        Page 26:
ALLEN, J. C.                  e(2), n, q, sl
STOKES, James         c, g, r, sl(2)
KEYSER, S. C.                 f
BRINGHURST, Watt      a, b, e(3), f, s
WHITNUN, Mary         a(2), d, e, p, q, s
BLAYLOCK, Allen       b, e, g, o(3), p2, t
SHANNAHAN, Mary c, e, f, t
ELLIS, John                   c, e, f, h, r
FRATER, Lewis E.              a, e(2), n, r
LARIMON, R.                   e(2), f(2), g, h
GIBSON, Maria                 d, e(3), f, n, p, t
WILKINSON, John       e, f, n(2), r, fc
SNELGROVE, Joshua       a, b, f, r
BOWERS, J. M.           a, b, f(2), g, o, q, s, v, sl
JOURNIGAN, B. Sr.       c(2), I, o, q, t, sl(27)
RILEY,  James R.              a(2), f, o, r, fc
COBB, Nathaniel         e, f, n(2), q
TWITCHELL, T.                 b, d, e, h, r, t, sl(5)
FORSYTHE, Joseph        f(4), sl(39)
FAIRLY, H. B.                 a(2), b(2), c, e, f, p, r, s, sl(3)
ROBINSON, Robert              e, g, o, t
BOWEN, Caleb                  e(3), f(2), r
BLISS, G. M.                  a(3), e, f, q(2)
HUNT, John                          f(3), sl(71)
ADAMS, Benjamin       a(2), b(2), g, r(2)
JOHNSON, W. H.        a, b(2), f, n, r, sl(2)
DRAKE, C. L.                  b, f, s
KELKER, John                  fc(5)
SIMPSON, E.                   f(4), sl(7)
DORR, E.                            a, c, d, g, n(3), p, q, s, sl(4)
        Page 27:
AMOS, E. S.                   a(2), e, n, q
PYBURN, Jacob           c(2), d, g, n(3). O(2), p(3), s
MILLER, Elijah                a(3), b, d, g, n, p, s, sl(2)
BUN, Samuel                   e, n, p, r,
McDAVID, D. A.        a, b, f, r, u  sl(18)
GAGE, G. G. A.          h, t
MORTON, Jackson       f(2), sl(78)
MOULTON, Joseph       g, n(2), o(2), p, r,
HORN, Eli                           b, g(2), n(2), s, sl(5)
THOMPSON, B. W.       f(2), q
GAINES, W. B.                 a, e, r, sl
GAINES, Wm. E.        f, u, sl(5)
GHENT, Ferding          e, f, n, r
HALLY(HOLLY), Hasey             g, t
ERNEST, Joseph W.       a(4), f(2), g, o, q, sl
THOMPSON, Joseph        a(2), b(2), d, e, g, n, o, p, s
DAVIS, Henry                  e(2)
HOBBS, Charles          f, g, n, r
SAVILL, Jeremiah              b, f, n(2), o(2), p, s, sl
SEQOURS, Matthew        e, f(2), r
BLAKELY, J. W.        f, g, 
McKINION, Robert              e(2), i, u, sl(3)
KENEDY, B. F.                 a(2), b, f, r, u, sl(5)
HARRISON, M. W.       e, sl(2)
PEADENS, Bortlett             a, b, c, f, n, o(2), s,
McARTHENT, John       a, c, d, e(2), h, p, r, t
MCLELLAND, Macon        a, c, e(2), o, p(2), q(2), s, u, sl
MITCHELL, Thomas              g
BAGGETT, M.                   c, d, e, r, t
MALONE, W.                    e, n(2), r
        Page 28:
STEVENS, Archibald      a, e, r, t
STEVENS, Joshua       c, d, e(2), g, p, q, t
CALHOUN, Noah         d, e(3), j
COBB, Elizabeth         d, e, o, s, sl(2)
COBB, Benjamin          a, b, c, d, g, n(2), o, p, s
COBB, Isaiah                  a, b, e(2), g, r, sl
COBB, Seaborn                 a(2), b, d(2), e, h, p(2), q, u, sl(5)
COBB, Joseph                  d(2), h, p, q, r, u
GAYLOR, Elijah          e, g, t
BARROW, Benjamin        a, b(2), c, g, n(2), o, p(2), q, s, sl
McMILLIN, Neal              b(2), d, f, n, t
MARSHALL, Benjamin      a(2), f, n, r, sl(4)
WILKES, John H.       a, g(2), n, o, s
WHITWELL, Jacob       h
McMILLEN, Duncan              d, e, i, q, u, sl
WILLIAMS, W. L.       a, b, c, f, n, o, q, r
MILLIGAN, John        b, e, n, r
GRANT, Charles          g, n, o, p(2), s
MANING, Robert        a, b, c, d, f, h, o, q, r(2), t
MANING,  Martha       c, d, e(2), o, p, s
McCASKILL, Alexander      a, c, e, g, q, s, t
McCASKILL, Allen              a, b(2), g, n(3), o, p(3), s, sl(7)
WILKINSON, Peter              a, b, c, d, e, g, n, o(2), s, sl(4)
MIMS, Jesse                   b(2), c(2), h, i, n(2), p, r, sl(23)
WATER, John                   b(2), g, p(2), q, s
McDAVID, R. T.                a(3), c, d, f, o, r, s, sl(2)
ALLEN, R. S.                  a, b, c, e(2), f, g, r
BLEVINS, W. W.        a, b, e, f(2), n, r, sl(2)
OWEN, Joseph                  b, c, i, s, u
OWEN, C. C. P.          e, f(2), n, o, r
        Page 29:
PITTS, John                   d, f, r
GIBSON, M.                    b(2), c, i, o, v
JOURNIGAN,Benj.Jr.      e(2), n, r
MALONE, Drury           b(2), c(2), d, e(2), h, p, r(2), u
MANING, Joel                  b, c, f, n, o(2), r, s
HUDSON, Benjamin              e, r
JAMESON, N. A.        a, b, f, g, o, p(2), q(2), t
VAUGHN, R.                    e, g, j, q, r
ROBINSON, Allen       fc(2)
NICHOLSON, A. W.              a, b, f, n, o, r
CLOSE, John                   a, b(2), d, f, i, n, r
BLAKE, Samuel           a, f, n, q, r
ROBINSON, Thomas        sl(2), fc(5)
SILCOCKS, Wade        a, b(2), c, d, e, o, p(2), s
MILLER, Alexander             a(2), e, r
WEBB, William                 f
MURPHY, M. P.           a, e, n, r
DEAN, George                  e, f(2), g
POWELL, John                  a, b(2), e, f, h, n, r
SIMPSON, J. A.          f, s, t, v, sl(13)
JOURNIGAN, Blake              d, h, p, t, sl(3), fc
DIXON, Abraham        e, o, r
KENEDY, A.                    e, f
BEAL, F.                            e, q
JOURNEGAN, Lewis        e, h, p(2), v
CAMPBELL, Paul        a, b(3), g, n, q, s, sl(15)
ALBERSON, Joseph        d, r
ROTHERY, D.                   a, f, r, sl
SHEPARD, A.                   e, f(3)
PAIER, Josua                  f, r
BOWERS, Samuel        a(2), b, e, o, r
        Page 30:
BARROW, Green         e, f(2), g
CASITY, Hanibal       a(2), d, n(2), r, sl(4)   
MILLER, John                  a, h, n, o, r
TAYLOR, Owen                  a, b, h, n, r
ROBERTS, Stephen        e
MACK, W.                            a, b, f, q
LEWIS, George                 a(2), e, q
SAVAGE, R. C.                 a, c(2), e, i, p, q, s
COOK, R. J.                   h, o, t
MAYO, Nathan                  a(3), f, n(2), o, r, 
MIMS, Thomas                  b(2), c, d, e, h, o, u
STERNS, Thomas        b(2), c, f, n(2), o, r
ALBERSON, Athur       f(2), r
JAURINGEN, Jesse              a, b, e, n, q
ARD, M.                     a, b(3), d, e(2), p, s
KELLY, John                   e, n(2), r, s
KELLY, Robert                 h, n, o, p(2), t
CLARK, Elijah                 a, b, c, g, n, o, p, s
WILLIAMS, David       b(2), d, g, h, n, r(2)
GOMES??, Fer                  fc
McMANN, Thomas        e, h
BROWNWELL, John e, h, f, n(2), r, s
BOWEN, Nancy            b, o, p(2), s
DONALDSON, Jesse        a, d, f, o, s
HANOWELL, James e(2)
JOURNIGAN, Silas              e, n(2), r, sl
SAVAGE, John                  a, e, n, o, r
LEWIS, M.                           a, c, d, t
FOSTER, Samuel        a, f, o, p, r
FOSTER, William       a, b(2), c(2), f, t
DANSTON, Thos         e, r