This is my family as I know them. If you have more information, questions, corrections, or just want to be another cousin to connect with the family, please send me an email.
John Croft

Possibilities before Frederick
A. Frederick Haussman
Lucy sent me an IGI that states Frederick Houseman was born November 2, 1812 of Cumberland , PA. Parents were Daniel Houseman and Rebecca Beatty. She notes that it is also said that Frederick Beaty Houseman was born November 1, 1812 in Harrisburg , Washington Co. , PA. He died in Waterproof, LA and that his occupation was Cabinet Maker (i.e. Carpenter). She goes on to say that he was named Frederick after his Grandfather and his middle name was taken from his mother's maiden name (misspelled).
B. Daniel Haussman
Lucy shows 2 more IGIs for Daniel Houseman born 1774 in York, York Co., PA, with father Frederick Houseman. He was married to Rebecca Beatty (no birth date) of Cumberland , PA on December 12, 1809 
C. Freidrick Haussmann
Lucy shows a third IGI for Friedrich Haussmann born about 1754 in Dettingen Unter , Wurttemberg , Germany . His spouse was Eva Margaretha Bauer born about 1758 also in Dettingen Unter , Wurttemberg , Germany . (Submitted by Mr. Jody Dee Jones) She notes: "Could this be Daniel's Father/Mother?" 

1st Known Generation
Frederick Haussman

According to Sue Welch the 1860 Escambia County , Florida Census, Frederick Houseman and family were living in the Charles Lawrence household. Charles Lawrence was listed as a ship’s carpenter; Frederick Houseman was listed as a carpenter. This supports the strong boatman era of the Housemans and Crofts in Florida . He was born in Pennsylvania and is listed as age 48, which would make his birth about 1812. His wife is listed as being born in New York .
Listed with him is Eliza J. Houseman, whom I assume is his first child judging by the fact that his first son was born only 2 or 3 years after her. However, she could be a young wife.
1. Eliza J. Houseman (this name was hardly legible, so it could have been something else), age 28 at census.
2. James A. Houseman born in Wisconsin May 5, 1835(1834). Died July 24, 1912 and buried in Hatcher Cemetery #761, Freeport, Walton Co., FL (not in the 1860 census with family, i.e. already on his own)
3. George Oliver Houseman born Nov. 1, 1841 in Saint Louis , Missouri . Died Oct. 1886 in Freeport , FL. Age 18 at census.
4. Charles Houseman born about 1847 in MS. Age 13 at census. *Note: They were staying with the Charles Lawrence family, which shows a probable relationship, perhaps Frederick ’s father-in-law. 

Nothing is known as yet about Eliza J. Houseman.

2nd Generation

James A. Hausman/Houseman 

The Mormon Pedigree Resource files list James A. as being born May 5, 1835 in MO. However, a blood relative has him born in Wisconsin . Also, the files (I.G.I.) have a different death date of June 12, 1927.

• He first married Lucinda Thomas. She was born 1842 in Gasconade Co, MO. Her parents were William Thomas and Rhoda Hollandsworth (I.G.I. supplied by Carol Southard 115 Hemlock Drive, Mastic Beach, N.Y. 11951) They were married about 1868 (? I’m guessing 1860/61) in Gasconade , MO.
1. Emily “Emma” C. (Catherine) Hausman born July 31,1861/62/63 in Gasconade , MO 
2. Laura A. Hausman born about 1869 (IGI) in Gasconade , MO. (Sue & IGI). Died 1890 (IGI)
3. Fred W. Hausman (Frederick - IGI- Carol Southard) born Oct. 1869 (IGI -Carol Southard) in Gasconade , MO. (Sue & IGI- Carol Southard)
4. Francis Hausman (male or female?) born in FL.
5. James Hausman born in FL. 

• He second married Gatsey Ann Perkins. She was born April 17, 1851 in Holmes City , FL. She died June 12, 1927 in DeFuniak, Walton Co., FL. Her parents were Samuel L. Perkins and Gatsey Ann Youngblood. 
Note: Some sources say that Gatsey was born in AL and looking at her siblings the first five were born in Henry Co., AL:
1. Nancy Perkins born 1837 in Henry Co., AL 
2. John Jasper Perkins born June 16, 1839 in Henry Co., AL. Died Jan 30, 1928, buried in Red Hill Cemetery, Holmes Co., FL 
3. Martha Jane Perkins born 1842 in Henry Co., AL. Died about 1919 
4. Thomas Perkins born 1844 in Henry Co., AL 
5. Ellen Perkins born 1848 in Henry Co., AL. 
However, starting with Gatsey Ann, 
6. Gatsey Ann Perkins born April 17, 1851 in Holmes Co., FL. Died June 12, 1927 in DeFuniak Springs, Walton Co., FL, buried in Hatcher Cemetery, Freeport, Walton Co., FL 
7. Sarah A. Perkins born 1853 in Holmes Co., FL
8. James Washington Perkins born December 12, 1854 in Holmes Co., FL 
9. Jesse D. Perkins born 1858 in Walton Co., FL. Died 1924 and buried in Millville Cemetery in Bay CO. FL 
Oddly enough the last child 
10. Cora Ann Perkins was born March 8, 1860 in Georgia , though she died November 3, 1928 in Portland (very near Freeport ) in Walton Co., FL.
***Gatsey Ann first married William Jasper Ward about 1874 in FL and having one child together:
1. Ezra L. Ward born 1875 in FL 

*I don’t know if James A. Houseman and Gatsey Ann Perkins Houseman had any children together. 

George Oliver Hausman/Houseman 

Sue gives the exact date of birth for George Oliver as Nov. 1, 1841 in Saint Louis , MO. A conflicting IGI has him born in Camp Walton, Santa Rosa Co., FL. He died Oct. 1886 in Freeport , FL 
According to census information, George Oliver lived in Walton County in 1870 with 4 kids, in Santa Rosa County , in 1880 with 4 kids and a mother-in-law, and in Walton County in 1885 with 3 kids at home. He and his wife are both buried in Freeport .

According to a September 24, 1935 copy of the record from the War Department, “The records show that G. O. Houseman, private, company B, 3rd Battalion Florida Cavalry, Confederate States Army, enlisted April 24, 1862, at Pensacola , Florida . This Company subsequently became Company L (or D), 15th Regiment Confederate States Cavalry, C.S.A. about September 1863, and Muster roll of that Company for May and June 1864, last on file, shows him present. No later record of him has been found. Signed, E. T. Conley, Brigadier General, Acting the Adjutant General, by H.L.T., W.H. 10 10 35.” Taken from  *(This source, which has a wealth of information, will hereafter be cited as Sallinger.) 
**The generations of George Oliver Houseman are taken from Sallinger unless otherwise stated.

There are differences of opinion as to his wife’s last name. One IGI has her as Catherine Bookson, Sue has her as Catherine W. Rossin but the most convincing source, Sallinger, has her as Catherine Wilkinson Rosson, which states their records are taken from an application made to United Daughters of the Confederacy by a granddaughter, Julia Houseman Humphries Damico. 
Catherine Wilkinson Rosson was born July 22, 1844 in AL . She died February or July 15, 1892 in Freeport , Walton Co., FL. 
They married 1861 in Pensacola , Escambia Co., FL and had 
1. Thomas E. Houseman (Sue/Sallinger)
2. Asbury B. Houseman born Oct 22 1862 or 1863. Died March 14, 1951. He married Mary Williams Collinsworth/Colingworth/Collingworth.
3. Fred (Frederick-Sallinger) R. Houseman (Sue) 
4. George Washington Houseman born Feb 14, 1869 at Camp Walton, Santa Rosa Co., FL Died July 12, 1936 at Point Washington, Walton Co., FL He married first Ellen Brewer December 5, 1885 in Walton Co., FL. And second Sally Florence Wise March 23, 1896 in New Orleans, Orleans Co., Louisiana . 
5. Amy A. Houseman (Sue)
In 1870 George Oliver Houseman lived in Walton County with 4 kids, 1880 in Santa Rosa County with 4 kids and a mother-in-law and in 1885 (Florida State Census) with 3 kids at home. (Sue) 

Nothing as yet is known about Charles Houseman.

3rd Generation

A. James A. Houseman's Children

Emily “Emma” Catherine Houseman

I have Emma born July 31, 1861 in Gasconade , MO. Some IGIs say 1862, other sources say 1863. I favor 1861 since she was married June 22, 1876 in Sarasota , Manatee Co. FL. That would have made her almost 16 years old when she married John Benjamine Croft. She died sometime in 1941 and is buried beside John Benjamin Croft in Hatcher Cemetery #759, Freeport, Walton Co. FL.

Cousin Lucy relates that Emma’s family came down the Missouri River (to the Mississippi River ) on a flat-bottomed boat. The facts of younger siblings Francis and James being born in FL and Uncle George Oliver being born in Saint Louis , MO and Uncle Charles being born in MS support this. Lucy remembers being told that Emma would take a long boat across Choctawhatchee Bay to visit her parents. 
John Benjamine Croft was born July 1834 in Wheeling , Ohio County, (W) V. Died December 05, 1905 in Walton County . 
According to a family member, a bible has written in it that John Benjamin was born in Wheeling in 1834. There are no conclusive records but the 1840 census has 2 Croft households in Wheeling and 2 Croft households outside the town limits. The 1885 Florida State census states he was born in MD. The 1900 census states he was born in VA and that his parents were born in NY. 
The 1860 Census shows John B. in Washington County (the parent County of Walton County).
The 1860 Washington County , FL Census lists John B. Croft as an engineer (indicating Steamship engineer). At that time he was married to Eliza A. (Elizah A. Holly - IGI), born February 27, 1840 in AL. Died August 21, 1864. 
James Theodore Croft, 9 months.
Other records indicate Ida Love Croft born April 20, 1858 and Adah Eliza Croft born 1863.
With them was James J. Danelley, age a farmer. Mr. Danelley may have been Eliza’s father. I don’t know what became of this family. Perhaps they became casualties of the Civil War. The name Dannelley became prominent in the Walton County community.
In 1861 December 30, Walton County records show John B. Croft bought a half acre lot on the corner of Avenue One and Prospect Street from Samuel and Mary Rutan for 50 dollars.
The 1867-1868 Voter Registration list of Walton County , FL , had him registered as voter #11 in Precinct 7. He had been in Walton County 2 years and in FL 10 years according to the register.
The 1870 Census shows the following:
John B. Croft age 35 born in VA and occupation Engineer. In the household is Anna E. age 21, keeping house and born in AL. (IGI-Anna Elizabeth Belson married August 18, 1867 with only one child indicated: Eva Inez Croft) Ida L. Croft is 2 years old and Ada Croft is 1 year old, both born in FL.

In the 1880 Walton County Census, Precinct 5, is:
John Croft, white, male, head of household
Age 52, (estimated birth year about 1828)
Birthplace: New York
Mother and Father's birthplace: New York
Occupation: Engineer
Spouse: Sarah, white, age 30, (estimated birth year about 1850)
Birthplace: FL
Father's birthplace: AL
Mother's birthplace: FL
Son: John B. Croft, age 7, about 1873
Birthplace: FL
Daughter: Mary S. Croft, age 5, about 1875
This may be John Benjamin's father or Uncle or possibly an older brother.

John B. Jr.'s delayed birth certificate states his father was a Marine Engineer. Family hearsay has it he may also have been a Merchant Mariner and probably piloted the sternwheeler, "Captain Fritz". John B. Jr. piloted the "Captain Fritz" for sure, as his daughter told me about riding beside him on the Fritz. 
John B. and Emma were married June 22, 1876, in Sarasota , Manatee County , FL. It was not uncommon for an older man to marry a young woman in those days (birth date: July 31, 1861, she was 1 month shy of 16 years old) but the question has been raised as to why Emma and John would go as far as Sarasota to get married. Did they elope or was she just accompanying him on a ship he was piloting or engineering? We may never know, but they did come back to Walton County and settled in Freeport across the bay from her parents.

According to an affidavit made by Freeport Civil War comrade, Robert S. Hatcher, on 6 May 1932 John Benjamin Croft served aboard the transport steamer Ewing as Engineer. The crew on board were regularly enlisted Confederate Navy men, and served onboard until 1862 the Ewing was destroyed by orders of the Confederate government (in a retreat from the advancing Union troops. It may have been filled with stones as a blockade or simply set on fire so it could not be used.) Upon destruction of the ship because the crew was not needed in this particular branch of the service, John B. along with the crew were released to perform Home Guard duty until the close of the war, at which time they were to be considered honorably discharged. He further testified that he saw John B. in full uniform. 

In a reply letter from the Adjutant General's Office, signed by Major General C. H. Bridges on 29 July 1931, it states:
"The name John B. Croft has not been found on the muster rolls on file in this office of Company C, of any Confederate States Army organization from the State of Florida numerically designated 1st.

The records show, however, that one John Croft served as private of Company A, 7th Regiment Florida Infantry, Confederate States Army."
In another letter dated 4 November 1932 states, "There is on file in this office no list of the crew of the Steamer 'Ewing' mentioned, but there are vouchers on file dated in April and May, 1861 at Warrington , Florida , showing payments made by a Confederate Quartermaster for the hire of said vessel.
Other records show that in October, 1861, it was used as a troop-ship by the Confederate States Army in the vicinity of Pensacola , Florida ." By his own admission, General Bridges admitted in another letter that the Confederate records were far from complete. 

In another affidavit dated 11 November 1931 Captain W. G. Barrow of the S. S. Tarpon residing at 119 West Chase Street , Pensacola Florida , Capt. Barrow says that he was personally acquainted with John B. Croft. He says John B. was " Engineer on the Confederate Transport 'Ewing or Euing' which was used for the purpose of transporting Troops and Supplies to and from the various points in and around Escambia Bay Florida, and affiant further says that the said John B. Croft, was in the Confederate Service until after the EVACUATION of the Confederate Forces from and at Pensacola Florida during the Year A. D. 1862, after which time and date the Transport was destroyed by fire at the wharf known as the Ice-House Wharf, and known at the present time as Commendentia Wharf in Pensacola, Florida." 

Application #23891: Emma C. Croft was granted John's pension as Pensioner No. 10338 by Special Act of the Legislature of 1933 - Chapter 16095, House Bill No. 314 Approved by the Pension Board July 27, 1933; became a Law June 12, 1933 as overseen by Roumelle Bowen, Secretary, State Board of Pensions. Emma lived at Route 2, Box 29 Pensacola , FL at that time. 

It was not uncommon for an older man to marry a young woman in those days but the question has been raised as to why Emma and John would go as far as Sarasota to get married. Did they elope or was she just accompanying him on a ship he was piloting or engineering? We may never know, but they did come back to Walton County and settled in Freeport across the bay from her parents. They had 9 children, 8 that survived.
1. John Benjamin Croft, Jr. born April 25, 1878 in Freeport , Walton County , FL. Died January 19, 1959 in Pensacola , Escambia Co., Fl buried in Clopton Cemetery , Pensacola . 

From Jeanine Mae Stoddard Jenkins (Neni) and Janet Alberta Stoddard Scotto: "A remarkable man, he was small, thin and agile. He was a slow writer but noted for his penmanship." Janet remembers he would twirl the quill high over his head and with a great flourish come down to make the most exquisite letters. A United States Coast Guard License to U. S. Merchant Marine Officer certifies John B. Croft Jr. licensed as Chief Engineer of Steam Vessels dated 15 June 1950, issued from the Port of Mobile, AL.
"He piloted the Captain Fritz, with passengers below and timber and other goods up top, from Freeport to DeFuniak Springs , Panama City, Pensacola and New Orleans ."

He was employed by the War Department to teach navigation at Fort Barrancas , FL , receiving an annuity of $833.00, payable in installments as retirement. After his first wife, Annie Laurie Burnham, died birthing Juanita Almeda he married again to Margaritte Victoria Davis. Juanita Almeda remembers that she had beautiful long black hair, and that she was good to the girls." Then the unthinkable happened. Margaret died in childbirth with her second son, John Bruce Croft (Probably of childbirth fever since dates seem to indicate she did not die immediately). 
John Bruce says John B. Jr. had a very hard time after that. Their maternal grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. H. A. Davis, adopted the two boys, William Kemper and John Bruce. Their grandparents later sent the boys to boarding school in North Carolina . William Kemper sneaked out and lied about his age to join the Army. 
John Bruce only remembers seeing his father once. John Bruce later regained contact with one of the girls, Anna Lee. John Bruce is fiercely proud of his nephew Captain Frank Liberato (of Pensacola ).
John B. Jr. married a final time to Georgeanna Reddick Watson four years later. He and Georgeanna never had any children. The children listed are all from Georgeanna's first marriage to Albert Watson. 
John B. Jr. died in Pensacola in 1959. He and Georgeanna are buried together in Clopton Cemetery .

Married 1st Annie Laurie Burnham March 20, 1890- February 11, 1914 Freeport , buried in Hatcher Cemetery #559. Married November 24, 1907 in DeFuniak Springs, Walton Co. FL, witnessed by James A. Houseman & Rufus L. Burnham.
• May Pauline Croft November 30, 1908- May 05, 1909 Freeport (infant death) Hatcher Cemetery #560
• Anna Lee Croft September 29, 1910 Freeport- March 07, 2002 Pensacola . Married Frank Liberato February 28, 1927 in St. Stephens Catholic Church, Pensacola , FL. (more)
• Juanita Almeda Croft March 02, 1913 Freeport- February 08, 1998 Baldwin , FL , outside of Jacksonville . Married Jack Calvin Sisk Stoddard (more)
John B. Croft, Jr. married 2nd Margurette Victoria Davis February 26, 1881- December 02, 1918 Davis Cemetery, Freeport, Walton Co. FL. Married December 16, 1916 DeFuniak Springs, Walton Co. FL.
• William T. Kemper Croft November 30, 1917 Freeport -1942 Philippines on the " Bataan Death March"
• John Bruce Croft November 06, 1918 Freeport-__________Texas. Married Doris Lethurne Krauskopf (more)

John B. Croft, Jr. married 3rd Georgeanna Reddick Watson December 08, 1874 Portland , Walton Co. FL- September 10, 1961 Pensacola, Escambia Co. FL, Clopton Cemetery , (#401?) Escambia Co. FL. Married September 05, 1922 Pensacola, Escambia Co. FL (more) 
2. William Franklin Croft born December 04, 1879 in Freeport , Walton County , FL. Died ____ buried Panama City, Bay Co. FL. 
William “Willie” Franklin Croft married Helen Blanche Brown, a schoolteacher from New York . He started a dry goods store in DeFuniak Springs where they first made their residence. Later, they moved to Saint Andrews Bay (Panama City) where between March 1924 - May 1935 he operated W. F. Croft Company “Outfitters for Men, Women and Children”, 200 S. Harrison Ave, Panama City, FL-Clothing store. There are store advertisements in the period newspapers kept at the Bay County Public Library. 

According to Aunt Connie (Herman Edward's daughter), William Franklin’s younger brother, Herman Edward, moved his family from Pensacola to work at W. F.'s store. They were only there a short time. Herman's wife Mattie hated Saint Andrews ( Panama City ), so they moved back to Pensacola . 
William Franklin sold out to the Wengrews, presumably because his two girls were gone. Florence Imogene died in 1930. Helen had died late in 1933. Perhaps like Mattie, Blanche preferred DeFuniak Springs to Panama City , as she is interred at the Magnolias in DeFuniak Springs. 
He sold out to the Wengrews, presumably because his two girls were gone. It may be that he had met his second wife, Lenora Morris, by then and wanted a fresh start. I was told that William was buried in Panama City , though I have as yet found no record of his death, his interment, what happened to Lenora or their daughter Pauline Croft. 
Married 1st Helen Blanche Brown November 29, 1883, Clymer, Chautauqua Co. NY- September 14, 1933, Panama City, Bay Co. FL. Buried Magnolias Cemetery, DeFuniak Springs, Walton Co. FL. Married May 27, 1907 DeFuniak Springs, Walton Co. FL 
• Florence Imogene Croft Abt. 1908- February 11, 1930 St. Andrews Bay (Panama City), FL, from obit, St. Andrews Bay News. Mattie Emily Newsome Croft remembers Imogene was mentally impaired.
Married 2nd Leonora Morris November 25, 1894-December 5, 1984 Ebenezer Cemetery , Vernon , Washington County , FL 
• Pauline Croft
3. Belver L. Croft born March 01, 1882 (female, infant death) in Freeport , Walton County , FL
4. Thomas Lee Croft born October 16, 1883 in Freeport , Walton County , FL married Mary Etta “Mamie” Mayo
According to Juanita Almeda, Tom had a Barber Shop in DeFuniak Springs for a while. At least three of the boys were in the profession at one time or other, maybe more. Sometime after he married Mamie, they moved to New Mexico . We found him and Mamie in the 1930 Federal Census in Santa Fe . January 19, 1959 their residence was in El Paso , Texas . By the time Layman died in 1970, they had moved their residence to Albuquerque .
Juanita only had one tidbit on Mamie. She said Mamie was from Europe .
The 1908 Escambia County Voter's List published in the paper a Thomas L. Craft is listed in precinct #13. Precincts #12 & #13 are listed as East Palafox Street ( Pensacola , FL ). There are several Mayos also listed:
John Mayo in precinct 12
F. M. Mayo in precinct 13
F. A. Mayo, J. L. Mayo, M. Mayo & W. H. Mayo in precinct 22 (Century, FL)
*Note that C. D. Craft & Walter H. Craft are listed in precinct 26 designated as City East.
They had one child (I know of)
• Inez Croft
5. James Earnest Croft born March 25, 1885 in Freeport, Walton County, FL Died October 06, 1918 in Pensacola, Escambia Co, FL in the Flu epidemic, buried Hatcher Cemetery #756; Freeport, Walton Co. FL.

December 23, 1907 in Freeport , Marriage performed by D. E. Douglas, Justice of the Peace & witnessed by James Barnette? & Will Ward, he married Jessie Edna Ward January 05, 1890, Saint Andrews Bay, FL- December 28, 1970 in Chattahoochee State Hospital (of Alzheimer’s), Gadsden Co. FL, buried St. John Cemetery, Pensacola, Escambia Co. FL. She was daughter of Jesse Eldridge Ward and Lucy Ann Taylor, granddaughter of Benjamin Franklin Ward (Dale Co. AL) and Martha Mary Edna Gilley (AL), great-granddaughter of James Benjamin Ward ( North Carolina ) and Mary Elizabeth English (Georgia) (more)
There are discrepancies in documentation as to when Jim was born. The 1900 census has him born in 1886: the 1885 census says he was 4 years old, which would be 1881. His gravestone at the Hatcher cemetery has 1885. His granddaughter, however, says he was born in 1885. Juanita Almeda remembers that he went to war. Sadly, he died in the 1918 Influenza epidemic. After his death, his wife Jesse Edna Ward Croft married a Peterson, but not before she and Jim had Lucy Edna and Mildred Florence. His granddaughter has model ships that he built as a Boatwright (boat builder), which she says the Freeport area was known for. 

Like his father, Jim was a Chief Engineer of Steam Vessels. The Wards were also boat builders. Jessie's father Jesse Ward built the Maxie, and the Lucy 
H. (and Lucy says there may have been as many as 11.) Lucy also says the Wards were part Indian and that one of James Earnest and Jessie’s children (her Grandmother) was carried piggy-back to a Pow-wow. 
• Lucy Edna Croft October 16, 1911, Pensacola, Escambia Co. FL- about 1980, Nashville, TN, buried St. John Cemetery, Pensacola, Escambia Co. FL. Married Joseph Floyd Williams (more)

• Mildred Florence Croft January 27, 1914, Southport, Bay Co. FL- February 18, 1988, Pensacola, Escambia Co. FL, buried Bayview Memorial Gardens - Pensacola , FL married Reuel Walter Grierson, Sr.(more)

6. Samuel Herbert Croft born February 03, 1887 in Freeport , Walton County , FL- March 06, 1959 in Pensacola , Escambia Co. FL, buried Clopton Cemetery, Escambia Co. FL. April 18, 1906 in DeFuniak Springs, Walton Co. FL married Flora Etta Campbell, witnessed by Larry? J. Ward & Mary Campbell (more)
Not much is known about Herbert or his family. That may be because Juanita Almeda says they moved around a bit, from Freeport to Chattahoochee and Panama City . Aunt Connie provided the names of the three children listed but Juanita Almeda thinks there may have been five. Not much is known about his wife Flora. I have no pictures or documents for Herbert.
6. Herman Edward Croft born January 21, 1890 in Freeport , Walton County , FL- February 20, 1940, Brownsville, Escambia Co. FL, buried Pine Forest United Methodist Church Cemetery , Row 2, Grave 74 - Pensacola , FL.

January 23, 1918 married in Pensacola , FL by Judge Henry Bellinger to Mattie Emily Newsome December 13, 1893, Prentiss , MS- August 18, 1979, Pensacola, Escambia Co. FL, buried in Bayview Memorial Gardens - Pensacola , FL (more)

When John B. Croft, Sr. died in 1905, most of the family moved to Pensacola . In a Pensacola Directory record found by David Grierson, Herman is listed as a deckhand, living with mother Emma and sister Ruth. According to my records, when Herman enlisted as a private on 25 January 1918, he is recorded as being a salesman. 
His draft card says he was single, living with his mother, had grey eyes, brown hair and stood 5’ 6” tall. His residence at the time was 609 Alcanez Street . I think Aunt Connie told me he was a Fuller Brush salesman. Herman married Mattie just 2 days before he was enlisted in the Army. He fought with an artillery unit on the Meuse bordering France , Belgium and the Netherlands ; also on the Moselle on the French/German border. He was decorated with medals, badges and citations, and was honorably discharged from Company “A” at Camp Jackson , SC on 7 July 1919. He later managed or was working partner of Kelly Company Hardware Store for Joe Coleman in the Brownsville area of Pensacola . His Social Security number was issued 21 October 1937. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the store. Connie remembers him talking about voices in his head. Juanita Almeda remembers he suffered from headaches and Mattie remarked she thought something had happened to him in the war. When the coroner’s men came for the body, they gave a note addressed to Mattie that was found on his body. The newspaper covered the story and cousin Brenda Jo has the clipping. When Brenda and I found Grandpa Herman’s grave, it had been decorated, leading us to believe that someone in Pensacola has been taking care of his grave. We were told that two of Herman Edward’s brothers came to the funeral drunk and that’s why Mattie and the kids Connie and Ed, Jr. disassociated from the rest of the family – except Aunt Sallie and Uncle Layman – who Mattie visited regularly until the day she died. It may have been one of them or the woman who Herman admitted to being unfaithful with in his suicide letter, according to the newspaper article, who left the decorations at his grave in 2005. Whoever it was, we wish we could thank them for maintaining the grave and possibly being responsible for setting the military headstone, as we were told that he was in an unmarked grave. 
7. Ruth Cleveland Croft born September 25, 1892 in Freeport , Walton County , FL- June 23, 1950, Pensacola , buried Clopton Cemetery, Pensacola, Escambia Co. FL. She married June 07, 1910 to William Yuille Lewis II born July 28, 1891 in Bagdad, Santa Rosa Co. FL- November 12, 1960, Pensacola, buried Clopton Cemetery, Pensacola, Escambia Co. FL They had 8 children together (more)

Juanita Almeda remembers visiting Aunt Ruth when she was 6 years old (1919). Aunt Ruth was sickly at the time. She remembers Ruth and Eulie lived at 1015 East Desoto Street in Pensacola .
I spoke to grandson “Jerry” Gerald Lee Lewis, son of Ruth and Yuille’s second child James Freeman Lewis. He and wife Evelyn Dorothy Okolowitz, along with their 4 children live in Provo , Utah . 
9. Charles Layman Croft born November 09, 1895 in Freeport, Walton County, FL-August 28, 1970 Pensacola, Escambia Co. FL, buried Bayview Memorial Gardens - Pensacola, FL. Married Sally Belle Walker October 13, 1900 Freeport, Walton Co. FL-July 22, 1985 Pensacola, Escambia Co. FL, buried Bayview Memorial Gardens - Pensacola, FL. Children Nell Marie Croft, Bernadean Croft and Charles Layman Croft, Jr. (more)

I found Charles Layman Croft, Jr. interred in Evergreen Memorial Gardens there in Panama City . Nell died just last year (2005); Bernadean has been gone for some time. Bernadean married Perry Steve Baniakas, owner of Perry’s Seafood, a very well known and frequented restaurant in Pensacola . I believe it was Bernadean who was said to have the family bible with John Benjamin’s birth record. 
Aunt Sally Belle did quite a bit. She organized the first Life saving team in Pensacola . She also started and maintained the first ever full service daycare. 
My Aunt Connie Constance Marie Croft Iverson Lavendar, hated going to Uncle Layman and Aunt Sally’s house because she always felt upstaged by her cousin Nell. 

Uncle Layman made good money as an Engineer (I think Civil Engineer) and Nell’s clothes were always fancier. Her daughter, Brenda Jo (Brenda Jo Iverson Chandler), says she felt Nell flaunted her talents on their piano, as well. So much so that she begged her mother, Mattie, to buy her a piano. No one knows where Mattie got the money to pay for a piano but she did. Aunt Connie got so good that she taught lessons to hundreds of students over the years and she was faithful to play the piano at Heights Baptist Church in Pensacola every Sunday until she got too sick in her last years. Years later, Connie’s daughter, Brenda Jo, made the same impossible request of her mother. Somehow she managed to scrape together the money for Brenda Jo, who went on to earn a Music degree and teaches music in the school system. Further, Aunt Connie taught all of my siblings (the money ran out with me unfortunately). Today my second eldest brother, Glenn Michael Croft, plays piano, organ, flute and about 10 other instruments. My third eldest brother Earl (James Earl Croft), also plays about 13 different instruments and after years of being volunteer worship leader at his church in Whiteville , NC , has been hired as part-time Music Minister. My twin sister, Gloria Ann Croft DeRoche, in Prairieville , LA. , has been playing the piano for her church for a number of years as well. Gloria has gotten Glenn to accompany her on his flute numerous times for special church music. (All that from Aunt Nell!!!)

Nothing is known about the other James A. Houseman children at this time.

B. George Oliver Houseman's Children

I can't add much more than can be found on the Sallinger website at except to add the masterful epiphany that Sue Welsh had, namely, that in the 1900 Walton County Florida Census where there are 4 Houseman cousins in John B. and Emma Houseman Croft's household - Hellen, Catharine "Kate" W., Ida and Essie - if you look closely "Helen's" birth date matches perfectly with Ellen Brewer Houseman, and Catharine W., Ida (or Iva-SueWelsh) and Essie would be Ellen and George Washington Houseman's three girls. 
I did find an IGI on Helen Essie Vanada Houseman but Sue gives her birth date as January 1894, whereas the IGI says January 5, 1895 in Point Washington . If they are the same person then she married William "Willie" Earnest Graham October 20, 1920 in DeFuniak Springs. He died September 24, 1963 in Riverside , San Bernardino , CA and was buried September 27, 1963 in Fullerton , Orange County , CA . This Essie died December 9, 1975 in Loma Linda, San Bernardino , CA .
However, there is a Social Security Death Record of a Helen Houseman born January 22, 1894, died June 7, 1991 in Fort Lauderdale , Broward County , FL 33309 with residences in Oakland Park and Tamarac , both Broward County .
George and Catherine had the following children: 
1. Asbury B. Houseman - (Oct. 22, 1862 or 1863 - March 14, 1951) m. Mary Williams Collinsworth [two other spellings are indicated in a letter and on a photo written by her children: "Colingworth" and "Collingworth"]
Born Oct. 22, 1862 or 1863 in Pollard, Alabama 
Died March 14, 1951 
Asbury married Aug. 21, 1883 in Pensacola, Escambia Co., Florida: 
Mary Williams Collinsworth 
Born July 1, 1867 in Rocky Bayou (or Milton), Florida 
Died April 14, 1961 in Cedar Ridge, Colorado 
(Mary remarried at least twice)
Asbury and Mary had nine children:
(I)----George Alfred Houseman - (Jan. 5, 1885-May 2, 1961) 
(II)---Clara Lee Houseman - (May 9, 1887-Jan. 26, 1961) - Was a twin to Annie Catherine. 
(III)--Annie Catherine Houseman - (May 9, 1887-Abt. Nov. 1888) - Was a twin to Clara Lee. 
(IV)--Bessie May Houseman - (born Nov. 17, 1889-died after 1961) - m. 'Gus.' Gus died Nov. 1944. They lived in Bay View Heights , top of Cottage Hill, near Mobile , Alabama 
(V)--**Ora Bertha Houseman - (March 16, 1892-Feb. 9, 1931) m. Brainard Fuller Cullen 
. . 
(VI)----Iva C. Houseman - (born April 4, 1894-died after 1961) - m. Harry Cooley. Harry died Nov. 30, 1956. They lived in Ocean Springs , Mississippi . 
(VII)---Julia Inez Houseman - (March 18, 1896-Sept. 30, 1994) m. twice: Eldridge Humphries (born Nov. 22, 1890 in Apalachicola, Franklin Co., Florida) and Delga 'Dutch' Damico. She married Delga Damico Dec. 21, 1956 in Washington, D. C. They had no children together.
Julia was born in Freeport , Washington Co., Florida and died in Colorado Springs , Colorado . She was in the U. S. Army 1942-1943 and later was a switchboard operator at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington D. C. Eldridge Humphries is listed in Franklin County, Florida 1917-1918 Civilian Draft Registration WWI).
Julia and Eldridge had three sons:

--Julian C. Humphries 
--John Humphries 
--George Humphries (deceased) 
(VIII)--Robert Asbury Houseman - (Oct. 1, 1899-Sept. 1959) 
(IX)----Ina Lois Houseman - (May 1, 1901-May 1, 1902) 

2. Thomas E. Houseman 
3. Frederick R. Houseman 
4. George Washington Houseman - (Feb. 14, 1869 - July 12, 1936) m. twice: (1) Sally Florence Wise and (2) Ellen Brewer [Our information is taken from the LDS Ancestral Files] 
George was born in Camp Walton, Santa Rosa County, Florida and died in Point Washington, Walton, Florida...Buried July 12, 1936 in Point Washington. 

~ (George was married twice :) ~
• George married Ellen Brewer Dec. 5, 1885 in Walton , Florida 
In the 1880 Census George Washington (age 11) was living with his father George Oliver Houseman in Santa Rosa County . Ellen Brewer was 16, living with her mother Sofy in Walton County .
In the 1885 Census George Washington was 16 years old, living in Freeport , Walton County , with father George Oliver, Catherine and a brother and sister. By Dec. 5 however, he had married Ellen. 
~ (George and Ellen had three children :) ~
(1) Catharine W. Houseman - (born Oct 1886 in FL)
(2) Ida or Iva Houseman - (born Nov 1889 in FL)
(3) Essie Houseman - (born Jan 1894 or Jan 5, 1895 in Point Washington, Walton Co., FL)
This bears repeating: I did find an IGI on Helen Essie Vanada Houseman but Sue gives her birth date as January 1894, whereas the IGI says January 5, 1895 in Point Washington . If they are the same person then she married William "Willie" Earnest Graham October 20, 1920 in DeFuniak Springs. He died September 24, 1963 in Riverside , San Bernardino , CA and was buried September 27, 1963 in Fullerton , Orange County , CA . This Essie died December 9, 1975 in Loma Linda, San Bernardino , CA . 
• George married Sally Florence Wise March 23, 1896 in New Orleans, Louisiana 
Sally was the daughter of Floyd Wise and Emmaline Halley and was born Sept. 22, 1876 in Point Washington, Walton, Florida and died May 19, 1945 in Pensacola, Escambia, FL and buried May 21, 1945 in Point Washington. 

~ (George and Sally had five children :) ~
(1)--Mynna Zoe Houseman - (born Nov. 23, 1895 in Vancleave, Jackson , MS - died April 4, 1958)

(2)--Henry Eugene Houseman - (born Oct. 22, 1897 in Vancleave, Jackson, Miss. - died May 12, 1957) 

(3)--Mae Thressa Houseman - (born Dec. 23, 1899 in Orange, Texas) 
• She married a Burleson and had Sue Welsh’s mother B. Burleson pictured below.

(4)--Robert Homer Houseman - (born April 7, 1907 in Point Washington, Walton, Florida - died May 27, 1977) 

(5)--Joseph Bayliss Houseman - (born Dec. 17, 1910 in Point Washington, Walton, Florida - died Oct. 20, 1912) 

C. Charles Houseman's Children 
Hopefully we'll find more on Charles and his family soon