The Grimes Family Bible

This Bible is approximately 9 x 11 inches in size. It consists of the Old and New

Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It was printed (in English) and published by

G.M. Davison in Saratoga Springs (New York) during the year 1832 AD. It has been handed down through generations of Grimes descendants and is now the property of Eloise Grimes

Ratliff, a great great granddaughter of William and Lydia (Smith) Grimes.

The family history section of this book is placed between the Old and New Testament

sections and consists of four lined pages. Each page is divided into two columns. The writing was done in ink and in some places it is faded or smeared beyond reading. The writing appears to have been written by several different people over a period of time. The numbering of pages in this report is in accordance with the way the pages are placed on The Grimes Bible website.

If the reader is considering using this translation for documentation of linage, they should consider the possibility of error in both the entry of their ancestor and /or the translation by the


Transcribed by: Wynona Jennings Hamilton with the invaluable assistance of Ron Jones.

All notes are by Wynona and any corrections, additions or questions should be brought to her attention at:


Page 1

left column of page

Mary Graham

in the yer was born

in the year of our

Lord the 11 Oct


Notes: Eloise has suggested that this may be the "Mary Grimes" who was mother of Martha J. Grimes. This would also account for the "Mary" who appeared on the 1850, 1860 and 1880 census listed with William & Lydia as their daughter. In 1850, Mary's age was 12, making her birth year 1838. The date Oct 11, 1838 would be a practical one for placing her in the Grimes family chain.

George W. Grimes

was Born 30 th

July 1840

Notes: George was the son of William and Lydia Grimes. He did not appear on the

1850 Census with his parents, 1860, he was in Santa Rosa Co Fl with William and Lydia. His age was 19, agreeing with the Bible date. He enlisted as a private with 1st Florida Infantry Confederate Army and severed as a wagon master. George was listed as G. W. Grimes in the Santa Rosa County Florida Voter Registration for the year 1867/68. He was the only Grimes named.

He married Mary C. -------. She drew a Civil War widows pension. Pension # 313312.

Christain Grimes

was Born

the 28 th day of

November 1842

Notes: (Christain)Christian was the daughter of William and Lydia Grimes. She was on the 1850 Coffee County Alabama Census with William and Lydia, her age 9 and born in Alabama. She next appeared on the 1860 census in Santa Rosa County Florida, age 17. Eloise referred to her as "Jayne"in her notes and there was a Jane with Liday on the 1880 Santa Rosa County Census. Her age then was 30 (?) and she was a seamstress. Christian Jayne (Jane) remained single. She had one child, Samuel. Samuel was born December

24th, 1881 (Sorrel family Bible). Christian would have been 39 years old at the time of his birth. Christian Jane Grimes died in 1927 (Florida death records)

Lidia Grimes was

born Decr the 5 th 1844

Notes: Lidia was the daughter of William and Lydia Grimes. Lidia's death is recorded later as November 26th, 1846. She probably was born and died in Coffee County Alabama and there is no other record of her.

Tempy Grimes was

born June the 19 th 1847

Notes: Tempy was the daughter of William and Lydia Grimes. Tempy appeared on the

1850 Coffee County Census with her parents. Her age was 3, agreeing with the Bible entry.

Tempy remained single and died December 11, 1918 near Milton, Florida, her age 72. (death certificate). Tempy had one child believed to be Nancy Grimes, age 12, enumerated in the house hold of Liday Grimes in the 1880 Santa Rosa Co FL census.

Page 1

right column of page

Andrew Jackson

Towson was born

15 th March 1844

Notes: Andrew Jackson Towson was the son of Fanny Grimes Towson, born 5 yrs after the death of Fanny's husband Wm Towson. Fanny died in 1849 and Andrew appeared on the 1850 Coffee County Alabama Census with William and Lydia Grimes. His age was 6 years, agreeing with the Bible entry. Eloise suggested that Andrew took the name GRIMES which is probably correct. Andrew was later entered in the Bible as A J Grimes. He married in 1865 and died in 1866. (Source Grimes Bible and Census records) Military record? Wife? Children?

Hannah Grimes

was born Feby 22 nd


Notes: Hannah was the daughter of William and Lydia Grimes. She appeared on the 1850 Coffee County Alabama Census, her age 2 ( date of census was December 15th making her almost 5 months at the time the census was taken). She was enumerated on the 1860 Santa Rosa County Florida Census with her parents, her age 10. Hannah remained single and was still living with her Mother in 1880, Santa Rosa County Florida. Her occupation was servant. She had one child, Robert Grimes. Hannah died March 25, 1927 (death certificate). Ancestor of Eloise Grimes Ratliff.

Hannah M. Grimes

was born Sept 15 the

-?- 1859

Notes: Hannah M. Grimes appeared on the 1860 Santa Rosa County Florida Census with

William and Lydia Grimes, her age 6/12 (six months). Her parents unknown. There is two Hannah Grimes on the 1880 Santa Rosa Co Fl census. I am uncertain if she is one of them or if William and Lydia's daughter was counted twice. One was taken on July 17th in the household of Levi (Brown?) as a servant, the other July 22nd in Liday Grimes household as a daughter.

Jess :?: Grimes was

born July: th 25/1861


Notes: this entry difficult to decipher. Identity uncertain. ( Ron Jones suggested the letter(s)

not clear may be "I". The date suggests possible "Julia" , daughter of "Mary" and sister of Martha J. )

Martha J. Grimes

was bornde

March 17 th 1870

Notes: Martha Josephine Grimes was born March 17, 1870. Known as "Jo". On April 15, 1884 (age 14) she married John Ward in Santa Rosa Co FL. Family lore and her death

certificate gives her mother's name as "Mary Grimes" (see notes on Mary Graham). She had an older sister named "Julia"(source: Ron Jones, great grandson of Jo ).

In a letter from Josephine Ward addressed to Berti Grimes, she signs her self as:

"your cousin with love Joe" (source: Eloise Grimes Ratliff)


Page 2

left column of page

Isham Foster

was born the 12 th Feb [this could be 17 th]


Notes: relationship to the Grimes family unknown.

Wm Grimes was

aa in the year

of our lord 1802

Dec 1? th Thursday

Notes: If written today, it would probably read: Wm Grimes was born on Thursday, Dec 1?, 1802 AD. I (Wynona) think the little "aa" means AD. Census records give his place of birth as Georgia. William married Lydia Smith on May 13, 1824 in Montgomery County, GA (source: GAGENWEB Montgomery Co look up). William has Civil War record (Confederate). He has one known sibling, Temperance Grimes Hamilton.

Lydia Grimes

was born aa in the

year of our lord

Notes: Wife of William Grimes. Has the date faded to nothing or not filled in at all? Census records give her place of birth as Georgia. Birth dates are inconsistent but probably sometime between 1800-1808. Spelling variations for her name: Lydia, Liday, Ledia

Fanny Grimes

was born aa in the

year of our lord

182? March the 7

on Tuesday

Notes: birth year for Fanny uncertain making it difficult to place her in the William Grimes family chain. (see notes on Andrew Jackson Towson).

Delila Grimes

was born aa in the

year of our lord

1826 Decr 26 on


Notes: In the Brackin Letters her name was spelled: Delilia. Her death certificate confirms her parents as William and Lydia Grimes and place of birth as Montgomery Co GA. Her family settled in Walton Co FL early 1870. She maintained a close relationship with her Grimes family re: Brackin letters dated 1882. (source: O.Q. and Wynona Jennings Hamilton; Dana Brackin Troublefield)

Page 2

Right column of page

Matilda Grimes

was born aa in the

year of our lord

1828 Nov th/26 on


Notes: Matilda was the daughter of William and Lydia Grimes. She is addressed as "Sister" by Delilia Brackin (Brackin letter # 1) She married an unknown Smith. Fanny Smith (picture)

may be her daughter . The Tempy mentioned in her letter as Delilia's niece may be her daughter.

Wm Wilkerson Grimes

was born aa in the

year of our lord

1831 February

on Saturday

(my computer will not let me spell this incorrectly. The Bible leaves out the first "r" in Feb.)

Notes: Wm Wilkerson was the son of William and Lydia Grimes. He was named as William on the 1850 Coffee Co AL census, age 18 and born in Georgia. In 1860, he was residing in Covington Co AL in the Rose Hill area, living with the Strickland household and working as a farmhand. His sister, Delila Brackin, was nearby. He served with an Alabama Unit (Confederate) during the Civil War as W.W. Grimes.

Lucretia Grimes

was born aa in the

year of our lord

1833 June 18 Tuesday

Notes: Lucretia was the daughter of William and Lydia Grimes. She married Martin Thompson. (See marriage entry for "Crecy Grimes") They were living in Pike County AL in 1850 and Santa Rosa County FL in 1860. Lucretia died in 1877 and was buried at Coldwater cemetery in Santa Rosa Co FL. ( Source: Gaylier Nowling Miller and Bill Eoff.)

John/ames Grimes

was born aa in the

year of our lord

1835 Nov th/29

on Sunday

Notes: the name is written with one large "J" with "ohn" above "ames". John James was the son of William and Lydia Grimes and the first child born in Alabama (1850 census). He served with a Florida Unit during the Civil War (Confederate) as J.J. Grimes. He is mentioned in the Brackin Letters as "Brother John". There was a John J. Grimes in Walton Co Fl in 1880 believed to be him. The letter names his wife as "Mary" the census as "Margaret". He had children. The "oldest" one (name unknown) died in 1882(source: Brackin letter # 1)


Page 3

Left column of page

Fanny Grimes was

married December the 12 th

1838 to Wm Towson

Notes: see notes for Fanny Grimes birth.

Delila Grimes

was married to

Mathias Brackin

January the 11 th


Notes: see notes for Delilia Grimes birth. This marriage date does not agree with her pension

application records (Jan 1845). Mathias died in 1873. Delilia died in 1918 and was buried in the Alaqua Methodist Church Cemetery in Walton Count Florida. Her headstone reads:

"Grandma Brackin". Her obituary published in the Defuniak Springs Harold Breeze newspaper reads in part: " Grandma Brackins, an aged resident of the Alaqua Community died at the home of her son Mathew Brackins"

Crecy Grimes

was married April

the 17 th 1850

Notes: see notes for Lucretia Grimes birth. Place of marriage Pike Co Al. (Source: Gaylier

Nowling Miller)

Matilda Grimes

was married July

the 19 th 1851

Notes: see notes for Matilda Grimes birth. Note failure to enter name of her husband.

A J Grimes

was married

march 12 th 1865

Notes: see notes for Andrew Jackson Towson (Grimes) birth. Note failure to enter name of wife.


Page 4

left column of page.

Wm Towson husband of

Fanny Grimes died the

9 th July 1839

Notes: see marriage entry for Fanny Grimes / Wm Towson

Fanny Harrison

died January 13 th


Notes: this is probably Fanny Grimes Towson Harrison.

Lidia Grimes died

the 26 th of Nov 1846

Notes: Child of William and Lydia Grimes. See notes for Lidia Grimes birth.

A J Grimes died

February 23 the 1866

Notes: see notes for Andrew Jackson Towson (Grimes) birth.

W W Grimes

died march 24 th


Notes: see notes for William Wilkerson Grimes birth. He died at Fairgrounds hospital in Atlanta, Georgia and was buried at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta.(Military Records)

Mr martin

tomson did

Sep 8 th 1865

Notes: it is thought this may be the death record of Martin Thompson.

See notes for Lucretia (Crecy) Grimes birth and marriage.



# of entries 30

dates spanned 1802-1870

William Grimes b. 1802

Lydia Grimes b. --?----


1. Delilia b. 1826

2. Matilda b. 1828

3. Wm. Wilkerson b. 1831

4. Lucreatia b. 1833

5. John James b. 1835

6. Mary (Graham) b. 18?8 (uncertain)

7. George W. b. 1841

8. Christian b. 1842

9. Lidia b. 1844

10. Tempy b. 1847

11. Hannah b. 1850


1. Hannah M. b. 1859


1. Jess -?- Grimes b. 1861

2. Wm. Towson

3. Fanny Grimes Towson Harrison b. 182?

4. Andrew Jackson Towson/Grimes b. 1844

5. Isham Foster b. 1807

6. Mr martin tomson d. 1865