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The Santa Rosa Genealogy Society
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History at Home-Guide to Genealogy

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US GenWeb Archives
Special Documents and Data that have had time and research donated for your family ties. Thank you to each and all.

The Genealogical Society of Santa Rosa County

Society Meetings are
the third Saturday of each month.
Milton Library
5541 Alabama St
Milton, FL

Thanks to each of the retiring officers for all their hard work and dedication.
A warm welcome to the new Officers. They are as follows:

President: Patricia Warner

Past President: Cheryl Nugent

Secretary: Ann Brock Smith annsmi@bellsouth

Treasurer: Patricia Wariner

Librarian: Vernon Ard

Newsletter Editor: Patricia Wariner


To order a Publiation
Please Send Check or Money Order made out to:
Santa Rosa Genealogical Society and mailed to:
PO Box 3, Milton FL 32572-0003.

Newsletter Editor: Patricia Wariner

We'd love to have you join us.
Please take a few moments, print the attached
Membership Form
and return to the address noted.

Coon Hill Cemetery Restoration Fund

Mr. Alvin Enfinger, Chairman of the Coon Hill Cemetery Board of Trustees spoke at a recent society meeting. He described the mass destruction that had occurred at Coon Hill Cemetery during December 2006. More than $50,000 is needed for ongoing repairs. There are marked graves as old as 1836. If you have an interest in helping out, it's certainly appreciated. Please contact: Mr. Alvin Enfinger 9487 Chumuckla Springs Road Jay, FL 32565. Checks need to be made out to "Coon Hill Cemetery" with a notation of "Restoration Fund" in the lower left hand corner and acknowledgements will be sent to those responding.

"The Kindling"

For a glimpse of unique Southern culture, here is the background in naming the
You have a choice of several ways to have queries or comments included in the newsletter, "The Kindling" and/or the website.
Contact your webmaster for the GenWeb site directly:
donna@db229.comDonna Buchanan
to be posted to Santa Rosa's Web page.
At that time I will forward your query to the genealogy society to be posted in the "Kindling". Or contact them directly:
Newsletter editor/membership chair/registered agent Patricia Wariner or 850 623 5160)

I'll forward all queries upon your request. Also, if you'd be interested in receiving the newsletters contact the editor for the"Kindling"
There is a yearly membership fee of $15.00 or family membership fee of $25.00.
Checks can be made out to: Santa Rosa Genealogical Society
and mailed to:
PO Box 3
Milton, Fl 32572-0003.

Exciting Publications

The society has its first books for sale
Member and author M. Voncille Bush is donating 
all the proceeds to the society. 

“Escambia County Territory Of Florida Election Returns 1835” Florida was transferred to the United States from Spain in 1821 and became the 27th state on March 3,1845. Santa Rosa County was included as part of Escambia until February 18,1842. This places all Santa Rosa County voters in this 68 page soft covered manuscript. This labor of love has been personally hand bound by Voncille. It is indexed by surname and contains the original script along with each transcribed page. A plain copy is $13.00 and an autographed copy is $14.00 plus $3.00 postage.

Escambia County Territory of
Florida Election Returns, Volumes 1-10
No. 1:   1835       No. 2:   1826, 1828, 1830
No. 3:   1836       No. 4:   1834               No. 5: 1838,
No. 6:   1837       No. 7:   1840, 1842         No. 8: 1832, 1833
No. 9:   1831       No. 10:  Combined Index 1826 - 1842
Each is $14 with $4.00 mailing fee.
CD of each volume is $10

Spanish Land Grants and Claims to Land is West Florida
Book (134 pages in color)  $ 30.00
CD Copy   $ 10.00

Volume I and VOLUME II

Grassroots Family Histories

Our beautiful county is rich with pioneering family traditions, diverse history, steamboats, long-leaf yellow pines and "Cracker Cowboys". These are 9 X 12 hard back books, with acid free paper. Each book has approximately 600 pages, including family stories, and thousands of photos and much, much more.
Hours of labor and love have gone into these wonderful additions to your collection. This was volunteer project of the Genealogical Society of Santa Rosa County and past and present residents of Santa Rosa County. Don't miss this unique opportunity to grab a piece of Santa Rosa County History.

Heritage of Santa Rosa County Volume I is the first Florida Heritage book to be produced and has been reprinted. The publisher is taking pre-paid orders for a second reprint. Price: $ 60.00. Heritage of Santa Rosa County Volume II is the second volume of 2 volumes on Santa Rosa County. This book is available from the publisher. Price: $ 60.00 plus shipping and tax.

To order your Heritage of Santa Rosa County: Call Heritage Publishing Consultants at 1-800-568-1611 or visit their website at:

Santa Rosa County Library
Genealogy Collection
As of 2009
Feb-March 2010
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Additions to collection
January 2011
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++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thanks so much, Margaret Chatraw. She's coordinated the efforts of many transcribers. This will let you know about our library collection. Enjoy your visit and good luck. The EDIT – FIND feature on your browser can be helpful locating items of interest.

Land classification of the Florida National Forest Choctawhatchee Division, Florida U.S. Forest Service 1916 W.F. Hill

Florida Homesteaders, Panhandle Families

Thank you, Mary Ellen Wexler for all the time and effort. What a wonderful contribution for our research.

US GenWeb Archives Special Documents and Data that have had time and research donated for your family ties. Thank you to each and all.
1860 Santa Rosa County
Agricultural Census

Peggy Martin was our contributor and thanks go out for all her hard work. Our little county is growing in online data. Thank you everyone.
Our wonderful Genealogy Society
of Santa Rosa County has been busy !!
1935 Census.
There are three parts,divided by Precincts.

Precinct One, Milton
Precinct's Two through Eight
Precinct's Nine through Twenty-Two

1945 Census.
Precinct One, Milton Precinct 8 Milton Precinct 17 - 23
Precinct 2 - 7 Precinct 9 - 16

Santa Rosa County FLA
Independent History and Genealogy Site

For those who would like to explore the historical aspects of Santa Rosa County.

EpidemicsClues when an ancestor "disappeared". Recently one of Floridas mailing lists posted this helpful information.

C.F. Clark Store and The Lucky Bar
Thank you Marsha Ankeney for these rare photos

Hurricanes Dates and places of major Florida Hurricanes. Many lives were lost during these disasters. Thanks to the Florida Rootsweb mailing lists for clues to your missing ancestors.

About us Bagdad Village
Preservation Association
Resource Centers

A great new link for various maps
Thank you Brian Nichols


USGenWebArchives Florida Table of Contents
Florida GenWeb Project Inc
Tombstone Transcription Project
WorldGenWeb Project

"Genealogical Societies"

Jay Historical Society

Escambia County, Alabama Genealogical Society

National Genealogical Society
Florida State Genealogical Society
The West Florida Genealogy Society.

Escambia CountyOne of my sister counties is a great place for further research.

Alger-Sullivan Historical Society, Century, Florida

Gulf Breeze Area Historical Society, Inc.

Pace Area History Site

"Data Searches"

Enjoy our newest addition. Uploading the Deed Images is quite a project. Our most recent contributor, Ms. Kathy Coffel, thank you for what is a great contribution.

"Deed Indexes"

Santa Rosa County
Deed Book A 1869-1873

Santa Rosa County
Deed Book B 1873-1880

Santa Rosa County
Deed Book C 1880- 1886

Santa Rosa County
Deed Book D 1886 - 1888
Santa Rosa County
Deed Book E 1888 - 1890
Santa Rosa County
Deed Book F 1890 - 1891

Thank you, Kathy Coffel
Here is your direct link to: Santa Rosa County Florida US GenWeb Archives Deeds and Lands US GenWeb Archives, Santa Rosa County

Marriage Index 1869-1899
Marriages 1907-1935
Cemeteries BIBLE/ESTATE Records
Panhandle Pioneers Land Tracts
LookUp Volunteers Florida's 1st Voters Our Families

Thank you Rebecca Black for all your hard work with the following indexes.
S.R. Births 1986 until 2007 2 S.R. Weddings 1976 until 2007 4
***************************************** Russell D. James, M.A. of SRGS
Thank you Russell for sharing the following information.
Many hours of time and effort went into this project. His enthusiasm is certainly keeping me busy and challenged!

West Florida Churches Milton Gazette
Obituary Surnames
Milton Gazette
Obituaries 1910-1911
Milton Gazette
Obituaries 1913-1915
Business Licenses
1910 Election
Inspectors and Judges

1867 Santa Rosa Census 8 9 Milton's own "MILTON TERRORS" 1915 Baseball Team

"Basic Genealogy Workshop"
Russell D. James, M.A.
1 Military 2 Census Research 4 Land
Santa Rosa County Government Offices
Santa Rosa Courthouse Offices Clerk of Courts-Mary Johnson Deed Room and Archives Deeds Room and Archives Milton, Florida PH: 850-623-0135 Normal Hours of Operation Monday - Friday 8AM - 4:30 PM Closed Holidays

During the Fall of 2002, a "Wall of Honor" will be dedicated to The Santa Rosa County Sheriffs. After that, we'll have biographies to include with this list which is now posted to our site. Thank you Cindy Server. Copies will be with both our Genealogy and Historical Socities. As well, a copy will be in the Florida State Archives and Florida Sheriff's Association. Enjoy !

Santa Rosa County Florida

Thank you !!! Joyce Schnoor, Edna Daugett and FAMILIES for all their hard work. What a wonderful contribution.

Delayed Birth Certificates
Santa Rosa County Florida

Thank you Edna Daugett!! She took on this entire project by herself ! Her time and effort are very much appreciated !


Information requests are in coordination with research by the West Florida Regional Library. "Fisher-Pou Funeral Home Records". Santa Rosa County, as well as surrounding counties are involved. Privacy guidelines are being strictly followed. Your help is very much appreciated. Any pertinant information is especially helpful in building these files. Example: matching given names where only an initial is written; cities where the particular physicians were practicing, etc. Much of the information may be on individuals death certificates in your possession or personal family research. Thanks!
The contact and email address is listed on the link. Your help will be very much appreciated.

"MILITARY Information"

Mexican-American War
Russell D. James
Civil War in Fla
Ron Thompson
Military Research
by Russell James
Santa Rosa Military Coon Cemetery,
Confederate Veterans
Josiah Jones
Revolutionary War Records
Submitted by Deborah Biesbrock

  • Treasure maps
  • Florida Map Links

  • Linkpendium - a great site for various genealogy links. Enjoy the exploration !
  • Bureau of Land ManagementAn excellent link to searchable data base=Land Patents
    Where To Write for Vital Records-Florida
    University of West Florida-Pensacola
    Everton's Genealogical Helper-Sources in Florida
    US Resources:Florida,A Great LINK

    ************************************** 14th Amendment research by Peyton Wertz has been covering
    The Reconstruction period. Here is the link to her research. I'm
    quite impressed to young people who express an interest in genealogy.
    Enjoy exploring her subject.


    Panhandle Pioneers
    A newly formed Facebook Group
    Interest being a connection with
    Panhandle Families (Donna Buchanan)