In support of the West Florida Regional Library project to surname index 
the financial records of the Fisher-Pou Funeral Home [1926-1978], I'm 
requesting the support of everyone in the hope that we can fully 
identify the physician/coroner who signed the death certificate(s) or 
was associated with the funeral service(s) ... 

We are trying to provide a **full name** and **location of their 
practice** for each Physician/Coroner noted -- so that future 
researchers can better understand what they find within the Fisher-Pou 
records ... 

Volunteers for the West Florida Regional Library (WFRL) "Reference-Genealogy" Department
are in the process of Surname Indexing 36 Volumes of original Fisher-Pou Funeral Home,
Pensacola, Florida Financial Account Records that span the period between December 1926 and
August 1979 ... Besides local Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, Florida residents, the records
reflect those services provided to transport individual remains to distant locales throughout the
United States ... They also reflect the receipt of (out-of-state death) remains for burial in local
cemeteries ... The Original Records are on microfilm and are available for local research at West
Florida Regional Library, Pensacola, Florida and University of West Florida *John C. Pace*
Library ... In recognition of the privacy of living individuals, we are only making available on-
line the Surname Index of the Deceased ... Also in support of these same privacy guidelines, we
have removed the exact street address and only provide [on line] the name of the city or town
where an individual's death took place ... Currently, we have 9 Volumes [5,297 Individuals]
completed and available on our Web Page [Dec. 1926 - Aug. 1947; and Sept. 1977 - Aug. 1978]
... You're invited to visit our Web Page at:

We are trying to provide a **full name** and **location of their practice** for each
Physician/Coroner noted -- so that future researchers can better understand what they find within
the Fisher-Pou records ... We don't need an exact street address, just the town or city where their
practice was located -- and dates [in years only] if they moved their practice [i.e., from Milton to
Brewton] or quit their practice ... The big thing we are trying to identify is their full name --
trying to convert the initials to a given name ... Identifying their practice location helps in
separating two or more doctors with the same surname -- be it brothers, cousins, or father and
son ... So knowing that a Doctor moved or quit his practice, and when, really helps in identifying
the physician when the record keeper only inserted the last name in a particular record 
... The info may also help in reflecting when a son took over the father's practice ... - - -

If you can provide additional insight on any Physician/Coroner, please 
reply off-list to roywfgs@att.netHarold Wilkinson
Thank You in Advance, Harold Wilkinson, Coordinator ********************************************************************** Physician [1926-1978]: A -thru- B ********************************************************************** Abbott, M. D. (USN) Abernathy, V. L. (Dr., Flomaton, AL) Abernethy, [omit] (Dr., USN) Adams, [omit] (Dr.) Ahearn, J. P. (Dr., Destin, FL) Allen, W. E. (Dr., USN) Alley, George S. (Dr.) Ames, Allen M. (Dr.) Anderson, Egbert Vernon (Dr.) Anderson, Warren E. (Dr.) Anderson, [omit] (Dr.) Arnold, G. D. (Dr., USN) Ash, Walter (Dr.) Axley, John H. (Dr.) Bader, [omit] () Ballagas, Antonio J. (Dr.) Ballenger, Murray W. (Dr., USN) Balthrop, John E. (Dr.) Baranco, Paul F. (Dr.) Barbier, George (Dr.) Batson, P. Gayle (Dr., Jr.) Baxley, Harry B. (1st Lt., US Army) Beidleman, Barkley (Dr.) Bell, James G. (Dr., Interne) Bell, John D. (Dr.) Benton, Phillip C. (Dr.) Berg, H. B. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Berry, Maxwell (Dr.) Bickerstaff, James H. (Dr.) Bielek [Bieleck], Miles J. (Dr., USN) Birdwell, Thomas R. (Dr.) Bizzell, Harvey M. (Justice of the Peace, Escambia Co., FL, Jr.) Bleicher, Jerome E. (Dr.) Bogan, W. H. (Dr., USN) Boggan, M. H. (Dr., USN) Boland, John D. (Dr., USN) Bondurant, Robert E. (Dr.) Bonifay, William A. (Judge, Santa Rosa Co., FL) Boone, Horace R. (Dr., USN) Booth, William (Dr.) Booth, [omit] (Dr.) Born, Charles A. (Dr., Jr.) Boswell, [omit] (Dr.) Bosworth, [omit] (Dr.) Bounds, L. H. (Dr., USN) Boygan, W. H. (Jr., USN) Braden, Frederick R. (Dr.) Branon [Brannon], J. H. (Dr.) Broadley, R. S. (Dr., Jr., Naval Hospital) Brown, C. C. (Dr., USN) Brown, J. M. (Dr.) Brown, James A. (Dr., USN) Brown, [omit] (Dr.) Brunson, Homer B. (Dr.) Bryan, [omit] () Bryans, Herbert L. (Dr.) Bryant, James Levy (Coroner, Justice of the Peace, Escambia Co., FL) Buchner, C. R. (Dr.) Buerkle, August R. (Dr., USN) Busbane, J. (Dr.) Butler, F. A. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Butt, Arthur J. (Dr., Jr.) ************************************************************************ Physician [1926-1978]: ************************************************************************ C -thru- E Cahill, John J. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Caine, W. G. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Calaway, R. R. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Callard, Charles B.(Dr., Col.) Calvert, William M. (Dr.) Campbell, Glenn S. (Dr., Lt., USN) Campbell, Wayne P. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida, Jr.) Carter, John H. (Dr.) Carter, W. S. (Dr., Jr., Naval Hospital) Caruse, Leonard G. (Lt.) Cassidy, Francis Pat (Dr.) Cavett, J. R. (Dr., Jr., Naval Hospital) Click, Gustave Neri (Dr.) Cline,Daniel E. (Dr.) Coleman, H. V. (Dr., Grady Hospital -- Located where??) Collins, Michael B. (Hospital Administrator) Crawly, R. J. (M. D.) Curts,Calvin (Dr., Naval Hospital) D'Alemberte, Clinton W. (Dr., U.S. Public Health Service) D'Mire, [omit] () Dalrymple, Richard E.(Dr.) Daniel, Scott (Dr.) Daniels, James Palace (Dr.) Davis, Mary (Nurse) Davis, [omit] (Dr., USN) Day, [omit] (Dr.) De Cicco,L. [M./W.] (Dr., Naval Hospital) De Foney, C. G. (Lt., USN Medical Corp) De Lang, J. M. (Dr.) De Slay, N. L. (Dr.) Dewal, C. W. (Dr.) Dewberry, William C. (Dr.) Di Tata, Mahew W. (Dr.) Dickson, George B. (Dr.) Dobbs, F. H. (Dr., Military) Dodson, Mayhew W. (Dr.) Doherty, D. H. (Dr.) Donahue, Corman () Douglas, Joseph William (Dr.) Drapen, W. L. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Drennan, W. C. (Dr., USN) Dreunau, William (Dr., USN) Driskell, M. M. (Dr., USN) Drlicka, Albert V. "Dr. D" (Dr.) Dry, W. P. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Duell, [omit] (Dr.) Dunn, T. M. (USN) DuPuis, [omit] () Durkmiller, W. H. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Duval, [omit] (Dr.) Duvel, Charles W. (Dr.) Eckart, E. P. (Dr., USN) Eldaki, [omit] (Dr.) Emlet, Jack R. (Dr.) Ensley [Eusby], [omit] () Enzor, R. E. (Dr., Crestview, Florida) Esty, William (Dr.) Evans, Earl (Dr., Lt., USN) Evans, Willis F. (Dr., USNR) Eyster, E. Fletcher (Dr.) ****************************************************************************** Physician [1926-1978]: F -thru- H ****************************************************************************** Farin, W. (USN) Faulkner, James L. (Dr.) Fellenbaum, [omit] (Dr., USN) Fellows, James H. (Dr.) Fish, Guy (Dr.) Fisher, Luther C. (Dr., Jr.) Fleming, Jack (Dr.) Fleming, John G. (Dr., USN) Fleming, John J. () Fleming, John. L. () Foley, [omit] (Dr.) Former, L. P. (Dr.) Frank, D. C. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Frank, Robert A. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Frazier, J. (Jr.) Frazier, J. C. (USN) Frazier, J. L. () Frazier, J. M. (Dr., USN) Freutas, E. L. (Dr., USN) Friedbacher, Karl (Dr.) Fuller, [omit] (Dr., Justice of the Peace) Furr, W. E. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Gatewood, [omit] (Dr.) Gelst, [omit] (Dr.) Gillery, R. R. (Dr., Jr., Naval Hospital) Gillespay, R. R. (Dr., Jr., Naval Hospital) Gillespie, Walter (Dr.) Gochitt, [omit] (Dr.) Goebel, John E. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Gordon, I. N. S. (Dr.) Gordon, J. N. (Dr.) Gordon, J. N. C. (Dr., USN) Gordon, O. N. C. (Dr.) Gregory, Ben T. (Dr.) Griffin, Frank (Dr.) Griffith, P. W. (Dr., Lt.(jg), USN) Guelz, [omit] (Dr.) Hahn, Eugene A. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Haisfield [Haysfield], [omit] (Dr.) Haisfield, Abram Raymond (Dr.) Haisfield, Harry B. (Dr.) Hamilton, Paul K. (Dr., USN) Hanks, T. F. (Dr.) Hanks, [omit] (Justice of the Peace) Hannon, T. R. (Dr.) Harden, David L. (Dr.) Harden, Henry T. (Dr.) Harding, Henry (Dr.) Harrington, T. Michael (Dr.) Hattaway, Leonard F. (Dr.) Havard, Everett (Dr.) Heath, Henry O. (Dr.) Heinberg, Charles J. (Dr.) Heintze, Arthur C. (Dr.) Henderson, A. (Dr.) Henson, Roger (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Herman, E. C. (Dr., USN) Hilbert, Gerard H. (Dr.) Hixon, Frank Petty (Dr.) Hixon, William Petty (Dr.) Hodnett, Frank Brooks (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Hoffman, James M. (Dr.) Hoffman, [omit] (Judge) Holeman, [omit] (Dr.) Holley, J. C. (Dr., Santa Rosa County, Florida) Holman, F. (Dr.) Holman, Inge (Dr.) Holman, [omit] (Dr.) Holmes, Findley C. (Dr.) Holmes, Thomas G. (Dr.) Holt, [omit] (Dr.) Hooper, W. Richard (Dr.) Hoyt, Thomas L. (Dr.) Hughes, [omit] (Dr., USN) Humes, K. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Hutchin, [omit] (Dr.) ************************************************************************** Physician [1926-1978]: J -thru- M ************************************************************************** Jacobia, J. A. (Coroner, Molino, Florida) Jankauskas, Kazys J. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Jarvis, Walter H. (Dr.) Jaudon, Ben H. (Dr.) Jennett, J. H. (Dr.) Johnson, A. L. (Coroner, Justice of the Peace, Milton, Florida) Johnson, Arthur D. (Dr.) Johnson, Arthur J. (Dr.) Johnson, C. A. (Dr., Jr., USN) Johnston, Arthur J. (Dr.) Johnston, Daniel A. (Dr.) Joiner, [omit] (Brent, Florida) Jordan, Bertis B. (Dr.) Jordan, William S. (Dr.) Kahn, Charles J. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Kallezycki, [omit] (Dr., USN) Kay, James B. (Dr., Jr.) Kellem, W. C. (Dr.) Kelly, [omit] (Dr.) Kendrick, Rufus L. (Coroner) Kennedy, Sidney G. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida, Jr.) Kielman [Keilman], Edward (Dr., Medical Examiner, 1st Judicial Court) Kimbell, Fariss D. (Dr., Jr.) King, O. D. (Dr.) King, R. S. (Dr.) Kingsley, John R. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Kirchman, [omit] (Dr.) Klein, E. H. () Knefely, George M. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida, Jr.) Knight, Edward W. (Dr.) Kobut, G. J. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Kuenn, Jerrald W. (Dr.) Kulezycki, E. (Dr.) La Barle, J. B. (Dr.) Land, M. L. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Langhorne, William H. (Dr.) Lawyer, Howard A. (Dr.) Lay,David (Dr., Naval Hospital) Lemoncelli, [omit] (Naval Hospital) Lewis, C. W. (Dr., Jr., Naval Hospital) Linn, Frank D. (Dr., USN) Lischkoff, Mozart A. (Dr.) Lisenby, [omit] (Dr.) Little, R. D. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Love, G. (USN) Lowery, Russell C. (Dr., II) Luehers, R. E. (Dr.) Lundquest, J. Richard (Dr.) Mack, Clyde C. (Dr.) Madison, Leonard (Capt.) Martin, Marion T. (Dr., Cdr., USN) Martinez, Rogelio T. (Dr.) Mask, W. G. (Dr., Naval Hospital) McArthur, G. B. (Dr.) McArton, J. R. (Dr., USN) McCants, J. M. (Dr.) McCaw, Blanche M. (Dr.) McConnell, [omit] (Dr.) McCraw, D. Bruce (Dr.) McCrory, [omit] (Dr.) McDaniel, [omit] (Dr.) McDonald, [omit] (Dr.) McGordon, J. (Dr.) McGriff, [omit] (Dr.) McGuire, John J. (Dr.) McIntosh, J. R. (Dr., Naval Hospital) McKahn, [omit] (Dr.) McKinley, (Dr., Atmore, Alabama) McKissick, [omit] (Dr., US Army) McNair, T. I. (Coroner) McPhail, Ronald L. (Dr., Naval Hospital) McPhaul, Wilbur A. (Dr.) McSween, John C. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Melhorn, K. C. (Capt., USN) Mellen, Noel C. (Dr.) Merrill, W. (Dr., USN) Miller, Clyde E. (Dr., Jr.) Miller, David L. (Dr., USN) Miller, J. B. (Dr.) Miller, J. M. (Dr.) Miller, L. B. (Lt.(jg), USN) Miller, R. Wayne (Dr.) Miller, William W. (Dr.) Millspaugh, J. A. (Dr., USN) Mixon, Joseph A. (Dr.) Mock, Albert Edward (Dr.) Moon, J. W. (Dr.) Morgan, Lemon B. (Coroner, Justice of the Peace, Escambia County, FL) Morse, George W. (Dr.) Morse, [omit] (Dr., Brent, Florida) Morton, A. R. () Mullins, D. N. (Dr.) Mullins, David W. (Dr.) Mullins, Glenn (Dr.) Myers, E. H. (Dr.) - - - ********************************************************************* Physician [1926-1978]: N -thru- R ********************************************************************* Naive, J. B. (Dr.) Nass, William H. (Dr.) Neblett, L. W. (Dr.) Nee, Daniel A. (Coroner) Newberry, M. (Lt.) Newbury, [omit] (Dr.) Newcomb, Wendell J. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Newman, Aline S. (Dr., USN) Nicholson, David P. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Nobles, Robert G. (Dr.) Nobles, Velpeau Robert (Dr.) Nobles, William Daniel (Dr.) Ochsner, Alton (Dr.) Olsen, Julian O. (Dr., Jr.) Overstreet, S. A. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Page, Harvey E. (Dr.) Pallack, [omit] () Pallock, [omit] () Palmer, Robert C. (Dr., Jr.) Patterson, Charles A. (Dr.) Patterson, W. J. (Dr., USN) Patterson, Walter (Dr., USN) Patton, William T. (Dr.) Payne, R. G. (Justice of the Peace, Santa Rosa County) Payne, Walter Clifton (Dr.) Peel, George T. (Dr.) Pent, William S. (Dr., Eglin Field Hospital) Peterson, W. L. (Dr.) Phillips, Lawrence C. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Picardi, James Levy (Dr.) Pickens [Pickins], [omit] (Dr.) Pickens, W. S. (Dr.) Picot, Harrison (Dr., USN) Pierpont, J. Harris (Dr.) Pinkin[*], [omit] (Lt.) Pittard, Knox (Dr., Naval Hospital) Potter, James M. (Dr.) Potter, Nell W. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Prather, D. J. (Dr.) Prevatt, Amos L. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Price, R. M. (Dr., USN) Pull, Thomas F. (USN) Quina, Marion Ernest (Dr.) Raley, [omit] (Dr.) Ramsey, R. H. (Dr.) Randall, W. Spears (Dr.) Ray, [omit] (Dr.) Redding, Lewell G. () Reed, E. L. (Dr.) Reed, Thurlow W. (Dr.) Reilly, Thomas F. (Dr., USN) Rencoff, Herman (Dr.) Re[?]om, [omit] (Dr.) Richards, L. S. (Dr., USN) Richmond, Dennis (Dr., USN) Riley, Charles P. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Roehm, Dan C. (Dr., USN) Rothstein, Daniel (Dr.) Rubel, Joseph L. (Dr.) Russell, G. W. (Dr., USN) Russo, Michael Dello (Dr.) ****************************************************** Physician [1926-1978]: S -thru- Z ****************************************************** Sala, R. O. (Lt., USNR) Sandiser, [omit] (Dr.) Saunders, Aubrey B. (Dr.) Schang, Steven J. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida, Jr.) Schene, W. J. (Dr., Usn) Scott, C. N. (Dr., USN) Sellers, [omit] (Dr.) Shanshaw, W. J. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Sharp, Lee (Dr.) Shay, George (Dr.) Shea, Paul A. (Dr.) Shearlock, Keith T. (Dr.) Sheehan, Daniel C. (Dr., USN) Sherman, [omit] (Dr., USN) Shippey, Stuart H. (Dr.) Shubz, D. G. (Lcdr., USN) Simmich, W. A. (Dr., USN) Simpson, Horace Lindsay (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Sims, Lewis S. (Dr., USN, Jr.) Sisco, A. B. (Dr.) Slafts, [omit] (Judge) Smith, Charles F. (Dr., Jr.) Smith, F. A. (Dr., USN) Smith, F. K. (Dr.) Snow, R. L. (Dr., Jr., USN) Sommers, Sidney (Dr.) Southworth, [omit] (Dr.) Squires, Gretchen V. (Mrs., Dr., Escambia County Medical Examiner) Squires, Raymond B. (Dr) Stallworth, R. W. (Dr.) Staples, Irving (Coroner, Escambia County) Staples, Jack (Coroner) Stebbins, Alvin L. (Dr.) Steinbeck, Henry F. (Dr., US Army) Stichen, [omit] (Dr.) Stokes, Thomas H. (Dr.) Stout, Robert (County Judge) Stowes, W. K. (USN Medical Corp) Strauss, S. D. (Lt., US Army) Strickland, Hubert B. (Dr., USN) Stritzinger, Rudolph Peter (Dr.) Sullivan, Arthur G. (Dr., USNR) Sullivan, W. L. (Naval Hospital) Sullivay, Rose L. (Dr.) Summers, [omit] (Dr.) Sunday, Edward J. (Dr.) Sunderland, O. R. (Dr.) Sutton, E. W. (Dr., Milton, Florida) Sutton, Jack G. (Dr.) Tata, Di (Dr., US Army) Tenney, Benjamin (Dr., USN, Jr.) Thames, J. G. (Dr.) Thames, Rufus (Dr., Milton, Florida) Thomas, [omit] (Dr.) Thompson, W. C. (Dr., USN) Thornton, Robert S. (Dr.) Tindell, Amos W. (Dr.) Tippett, Troy M. (Dr., II) Tomlinson, Walter B. (Dr., USN) Toomey, F. E. () Trier [sic], [omit] (Dr.) Tuberville, J. I. (Dr., Century, Florida) Tucker, W. D. (Dr., USN) Tugwell, Frank E. (Dr.) Tugwell, Wilton E. (Dr.) Turner, [omit] (Dr.) Van Buskirk, Gordon P. (Dr., USN) Van Peenen, H. J. (Dr.) Vickers, F. Norman (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Villanueva, Leopoldo D. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Virgin, Herbert W. (Dr., Jr.) Waggenheim, [omit] (Dr.) Walker, Hugh B. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Walker, J. H. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Walters, A. J. (Dr., USN) Ward, A. [C./L.] (Dr.) Watson, Robert T. (Dr.) Weaver, Joseph W. (Dr., Lcdr., USN) Weaver, Richard A. (Dr.) Webb, Carol Castor (Dr.) Weckman, K. (Dr.) Weisinger, R. W. (Naval Hospital) Weldon, J. M. (Dr.) Wells, Samuel J. (Dr.) Westmark, Edward R. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Whidden, Eugene K. (Dr.) Whitaker, C. D. (Dr.) White, Alvyn Waverly (Dr.) White, Edward Timothy (Dr., Jr.) Wilder [Wilden], J. S. E. (Coroner, Justice of the Peace) Williams, Frank E. (Dr.) Williams, Harold L. (Dr., USN) Williams, J. Curtis (Dr., Jr.) Williams, Mack (Dr.) Williams, Thomas B. (Dr., Gulf Breeze, Florida) Williams, William L. (Dr.) Willis, Wayne S. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida) Wilson, Charles H. (Dr., USN) Wilson, L. L. (Dr., Naval Hospital) Wimberly, John E. (Dr.) Wisler, S. J. (Dr., USN) Wolverton, William C. "Bill" (Dr.) Worrell, Cynthia (Dr.) Yonge, Henry M. (Dr.) York, Dale E. (Dr.) Young, John Melvin (Dr.) Young, Walter (Dr., Naval Hospital) Ziemba, Richard A. (Dr., Pensacola, Florida)