Santa Rosa County Queries Beginning Sept 2000 through November, 2003
Updated May 2002


Russell D James Florida Military Data 01/16/01
I am beginning research into what I hope will be my master's thesis in history at The University of West Florida. In 1846 Florida provided the United States Army with four volunteer companies of men to fight in the Mexican-American War, also know as the U.S.-Mexican War and the War With Mexico. One of those companies, Kelly's Company, under the command of W. W. J. Kelly of Pensacola, was organized in West Florida. 79 men from West Florida joined 10 from Tallahassee.
Captain Kelly's Company trained at Ft. Pickens and then were transferred via steamship to Vera Cruz. They saw no actual fighting, but they were instrumental in keeping the lines of communication open between Vera Cruz and Mexico City.
I am looking for genealogies and family histories of the men who fought in this company, in particular the men from Pensacola and Milton, although for any man in this company would be appreciated. I'm also looking for information about the War written by the participants from Florida.
There doesn't seem to be much written about the Florida companies and I intend to change that. But I need some source material first. If anyone is aware of the existence of letters, journals, diaries, autobiographies, or biographical sketches of any man who fought with Captain Kelly or any of the other four (and fifth reorganized) companies from Florida, please contact me. Even if you've only heard that so-and-so has a letter supposedly written by so-and-so, please contact me.
Thank you. Russell D. James Graduate student, department of history, UWF member, Santa Rosa Genealogical Society 983-0048
John Rogers ALFORDS 11/12/01
I had a day to whip through South Santa Rosa County the other day on my way to Ponce de Leon, but did not have enough time to check out all I wanted to. I live in Huntsville, Al and have a tough time getting back home. Can someone help me out with the following. Joseph Fulton Alford is buried at Holley Cemetery, and his father Thomas Alford is also, according to his death certificate. Tom lived from 1856-1953 in the area of East Bay/Holley/Baghdad. He was a carpenter in the shipbuilding industry. I could not find his grave. I also would love to find the grave of his father, Henry M. Alford (1815-abt 1882) and his mother, Martha Crews Alford (1820-abt 1890). They both died in South Santa Rosa County. They were there in 1880 census. Martha was living with son, Thomas in 1885 in East Bay.
There is one cousin buried at Hickory Hammock. Is there a cemetery at East Bay, which I suppose was once a town? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John Rogers 256-882-5661
Donna Wall ANDERSON, SMITH 12/11/02
Searching for add'l. info. on Winifred 'Winnie' SMITH who m. Archibald ANDERSON. Winnie was b. c1849 in probably Carroll Co, GA and family later moved to Coffee Co, AL. In 1876 Covington Co, AL she m. Archibald ANDERSON. Per 1880 census, they were in Santa Rosa Co, FL; by 1900 & 1910 censuses in Walton Co, FL.
Any help on these two? Winnie was d/o Isaac G. Smith & Elizabeth A. TURNER. Donna Wall Gwinnett Co, GA Researching: LANGLEY, BRINSON, GILMAN, SMITH, TURNER

Sybil Cramer ANDERSON 01/01
Would like to hear from anyone kin to Willis Anderson. He was suppose to be part Indian. His wife was Elizabeth Simmons. Have heard his father was Tom or Peter Anderson. Thanks, Sybil Cramer
Mike Godwin ARMSTRONG 8/25/03
Decendents of John Wesley Armstrong or Sarah Prudence Armstrong Garner Our family is currently researching the Santa Rosa Co. area of Florida. Marriage records list our grandparents marriage in 1908 Walter Denton to Lavada Garner. Her parents and only known brother are of the main interest at this time. Sarah Prudence Armstrong, rumored to be half Cherokee with one brother John Wesley Armstrong. Sarah was born in 1874-1875 on October 10. We do not know of brother John's age. Sarah married John N. Garner at some point before or during 1890-1892. We are assuming at this point in research that Sarah may have moved to Alabama area as it is believed that her parents were from AL. An 1880 Federal Census lists John M Armstrong 39, Married to Frances Armstrong 42 one son Nathaniel J.W. Armstrong 11, Sarah P Armstrong 5, and Safrona Armstrong 1. In Santa Rosa County with only the two daughters born in FL. If anyone has research on John Wesley Or John M. Armstrong any information would be helpful. It is known that John Wesley (brother of Sarah) worked on Railroad as did grandfather... Thank you, Emily Godwin
Eloise Attaway, Simmons 6/01
Subj: thomas j attaway + alice m simmons
please contact me if you have any information on the following people in santa rosa county, florida. thanks, eloise
thomas jefferson attaway born 1870 died 1942 in santa rosa county, florida buried in cora cemetery, jay, florida
thomas jefferson attaway (1870-1942) married alice mae simmons (1874 ?)buried at cora cemetery, jay, florida
CHILDREN ___________________________ children of thomas jefferson attaway and alice mae simmons are:
----- 2. emory attaway (buried at cora cemetery, jay, florida) ---------married ben joyner's mother -??? ----- 2. margaret "sallie" attaway --------- married 1. ed woods --------- married 2. ? brown --------- married 3. ? mayberry ----- 2. jesse attaway (born: 11-28-1895 died: 9-1971) --------- married ollie bryan ----- 2. j t attaway --------- married winnie mae bryan ----- 2. thomas "norris" attaway (born: 10-15-1903 died 12-07-1980) (buried at cora cemetery, jay, florida) --------- married jeannie t. ? (1908-1991) (buried at cora cemetery, jay, florida) ----- 2. "agnes" elizabeth attaway (born: 9-29-1898 died: 2-12-1974) (buried at cora cemetery, jay, florida) --------- married "jack" melvin cross (1905-1948) (buried at cora cemetery, jay, florida) ----- 2. ed "neal" attaway (born: 10-12-1912 died: 2-1963) (buried at serenity gardens cemetery, milton, florida) --------- married nellie mae holley (living) ----- 2. viola attaway (born: 11-17-1904 died: 11-4-1982) --------- married noah justice
PARENTS OF ALICE ____________________ parents/siblings of alice mae simmons are:
1. ? simmons ----- 2. john c. simmons buried at cora cemetery, jay, florida ----- 2. joe j. "PA" simmons (1854-1924) buried at cora cemetery, jay, florida-------- married cindy "MA" ? buried at cora cemetery, jay, florida ---------- 3. emma simmons ------------- married ? patterson ---------- 3. ada simmons ------------- married ? paulk ---------- 3. ida simmons ------------- married ? pelham ---------- 3. alice mae simmons (1874-?)buried at cora cemetery, jay, florida ------------- married thomas jefferson attaway (1870-1942)
Carolyn Williams ARD 03/14/01
John Ard Family in 1860 Santa Rosa Census Would like to hear from anyone who might have information on John Ard and Harriet Davis (wife) listed in the 1860 Santa Rosa census. The census listed a son T. M. (possibly T. Marion) age two. I have information (not verified) that there were other children - Lawrence Malcolm born 1859 (my great grandfather), L. A. born 1860, and Susan Abigail born 1861. The information also lists George Ard and Abigail Barrows as John Ard's parents, and Reuben Ard and August Dixon as George's parents. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Carolyn
Wynona Jennings Hamilton Boon/Boone 03/05/03
I would like to find someone researching the family of William Boon and John Boon. Both men were enumerated with their families in the 1850 Santa Rosa Co Fl Census. Thanks Wynona Jennings Hamilton
Carolyn Whitehurst-Nichols Burkette, Sorrells, Whitehurst 12/31/00
I am looking for relatives of Keith and Carrie Sorrells Burkette. They were b. 1890 and 1894. Married 1913 FL. Died 1969 and 1970 Santa Rosa Co. Two children were Myrtle and Lester. Carrie was sister of my grandfather James W. Whitehurst b. 1885 AL and William Henry Whitehurst b. 1890 FL. Her mother was Nancy Elizabeth Cockcroft Whitehurst Sorrells b. 1863 AL.
Eloise Attie (or Ottie) CALHOUN 6/01
I have found a picture in my grandmother bertie magaha grimes' trunks (santa rosa county) that i cannot identify. it is a picture of an indian-looking woman in front of a log cabin. do not have an idea of a date of photo. the message on the back is interesting and i thought the name might mean something to someone. please contact me if you know who this person is. thanks, eloise Attie Calhoun or may be Ottie Calhoun this is what is on back of the photo:
this is one taken at the corner of my new house. it's not much but there's no place like home. and i'm crazy about my log cabin. i have it sealed inside throughout with wide dressed lumber. mostly built it myself. regular dressed floor. the old black hen is in the front of me. best wishes to you all from Attie Calhoun
Dean Carmeris CARMERIS 10/08/01
Hello, My name is Dean Carmeris. While doing a Web search on my last name using the google search engine I got a hit on a page that seems to be 'owned' by you through your buchanan2_2000 id. The page is - 101k The page seems to be part of the Santa Rosa County GenWeb Project. The reason it is so interesting to me is that it shows a person with my father's name Charles Carmeris being married to an Estella Robbins on Apr 9, 1933. Our name, Carmeris, is very unusual and it was quite surprising to find another reference to it. It's of Greek descent and when most of our relatives came through Ellis Island the various transliterations usually began with a 'K', not a 'C'. All of the family we are aware of ended up in the New England area, I'd like to see how I can find out more information about this person. When I go to the GenWeb Project homepage and search on carmeris, nothing comes up. Sorry for being so verbose and thank you for any help you can give me about finding more information about this Charles Carmeris.
Dean Carmeris E-Mail:
Joseph Carr CARR, JORDAN 6/04/01
My grand parents were Joseph A. CARR and Maryjane Jordan CARR. They were married on Jul 25, 1893. The marriage was recorded in Santa Rosa county. I am Joseph A. CARR, son of Eugene, their youngest child. If anyone has any information about my folks, please email me or call me collect 850-722-0095. Thank you. Joseph Carr
John Caskey CATER 02/02/01
Desire info:relatives settled in FLA
Samuel W Cater b) c1828 ALA s/o Edwin CATER/Barbara BRADLEY
Family lived" Conecuh Co. AL, later: Elysian Fields & Marshall,Harrison Co. TX. Samuel W CATER moved to Milton SRosa CO FL prior to 1860. Married: Mary Avarilla AMOS b) c1837 FLA d/o Erasmus AMOS. Samuel served: Clerk of court, SRosa co. 1861-65. 1870&1880(hotelkeeper) in Pensacola,FL. No info after 1880.
Children:Mary E. b)c1859; Ida B. b)c1861; John Chain b)1863;Annie E b)1866.
John Chain CATER: 1900 living in Milton. He apparently provided info on grandmother to a researcher of BRADLY family. Would like: more on Samuel CATER & family and the source of info provided by John CATER.
Samuel W CATER's sister, Catherine J ( or Kate)CATER, b) c1842 TX. d/o of Edwin CATER by wife2, Clarissa TARLETON. m) bef1860,Chas.MCVOY: listed as "Mechanist" in 1860 census: Milton. Charles b)c1834 FLA; possibly Pensacola. During Civil war Catherine moved to Montgomery, AL. Lived with: John/Melinda POWELL. Memoirs stated: Melinda was Kate's aunt. Kate's husband d)during Civil war/remarried Charles Lewis GILMER,JR. 1 surviving dau. by Chas McVoy. Isabella McVoy b) c1859 FL. No info on: her or family after 1870 (living w/aunt in Montgomery)
Edwin Lawrence CATER, known as:Lawrence, b)1825 Belleville,Conecuh Co.AL. s/o Edwin CATER by wife #1, Barbara BRADLEY. He m) Frances GREEN (1834-1908) in Conecuh Co. AL. Moved to Milton. (Merchant). During Civil War: Lieut. FLA calvary. Elected state senator. Died: 1874 in Bagdad. Wife remarried: Thomas SWIFT, lived later in Pensacola.
Sophronia ADAMS b) 1814 in SC. prob. Sumter co. d/o William AdAMS/Leah CATER. Moved with her family to Conecuh/Monroe co AL after 1820. Married #1: McCaskill & had son: William McCaskill b) c1831 AL. Married #2: Wade Horace GREENING b) c1798 SC bef 1843. In 1850: lived Sparta,Conecuh Co. AL.
Wade GREENING,wife,3children said to have died of yellow fever in SR co.FL 1854. What became of William MCCaskill? Anyone have info on any of the above? Thanks, John Caskey
J V McDaniel CLARK 08/21/2000
I am trying to get info on my grandfather, John Franklin Clark who was supposedly born on April 15, 1876 in Milton, FL. He was possible a Native American that was adopted by a couple of English ancestry (Clark). The records show that he married my grandmother, Sabra Clara Miller, from Jay, FL on July 6, 1898 in Milton, FL. How do I research this possible adoption? I would appreciate any help which you can provide.
Sincerely, Mona M. Ederle
Geneva Delaney(Cole) COLE 05/11/01
Hi! My GGGrandfather bought a farm and built a Grist Mill in the Bagdad area pre-civil war. His name was Samuel Cole and he was originally of Hartford, CT. He met and married Mary Elisabeth Lovelace (Butler) in Bagdad. I have looked and looked via the internet and can't find a thing attesting to the fact that they even lived in the area. In the Bagdad history they spoke of Grist mill owners, (just to name a few) so I am thinking there may be something in the form of history to do with the Grist Mills in the area. Would you happen to have anything on them? Thanks Geneva Delaney (Cole)
Geneva Delaney(Cole) COLE 04/04/11
My GGGrandfather was a Samuel Cole b) 25 June 1795 in Hartford, Ct. He owned and operated a Grist Mill in the Bagdad area.(pre-civil war) He is buried in the Myrtle Grove Cemetery. Samuel Cole m) Mary Elizabeth Butler(Lovelace) in Bagdad.Do you have any further info on him? Any Help is appreciated. Geneva Delaney
Joe Davis DAW 11/00
Searching for any information regarding John Daw and his wife Susan Baldwin who lived in a community called Cold Water in Santa Rosa County about 1873-1876. There two children were born there: Marion and Tom. Thanks, Joe Davis
Quinn Elliott ELLIOTT 6/24/01
Sarah Jane Elliott
Seeking any information on wife of Isaac J. Elliott, who is buried in the Tullahoma, Tennessee Confederate Cemetery. He was in the 1st Florida Infantry, Company G, Army Of Tennessee , wife was Sarah Jane Elliott, he enlisted in Milton, Florida May 13. 1861, died in Tullahoma, Tennessee of Pneumonia February 20, 1863. Isaac is on the Santa Rosa County 1850 census. Any information on Sarah, did she remarry, have any children with Isaac, her maiden name, etc. Thanks, Quinn Elliott
Susan Patterson GODWIN MANNING 9/10/01
Hi: Desperately seeking ANY info on family of Robert G. Manning b abt 1780 GA, Dicey b abt 1785 GA, William b abt 1820 FL, Mary b abt 1818 FL all found in household #457 on the 1850 Santa Rosa Co. census. Next door is R.G. Manning, Jr., b abt 1826 FL, Elzenie b abt 1827 AL, Mary b abt 1846 FL, Dicey b abt 1848 FL, Robert b abt 1850 FL. The younger Dicey is my ancestor, who married William Taylor Godwin, and who is buried in St. John's Cemetery in Pensacola. I believe I found Robert Sr. on the 1821 West Florida census, listed as Robert Maning. Any help? Thanks, Susan Patterson
Lee GRIMES 6/01
Martha and Lettie GRIMES 1920 Santa Rosa Co. FL Census Old Spanish Trail 238 Grimes, Martha 76wf (Crain), Gussie 18wm neph (Alford), Carrie 21wf Gussie was the son of Taylor Z. Crain and Lettie Grimes. I would like to know Martha's husband's name and her maiden name. I would also like to know who Lettie's parents were. Thanks Lee
Betty Clark Harmon, Lewis, or Henry Clark 07/02
Looking for any information on the Clark family in Santa Rosa County (or Escambia) in the years between 1830 when they were in Conecuh Co. AL and 1840 when they surfaced in the Census Records of Escambia Co. FL, then Harmon Clark on the original list of voters registered in Santa Rosa County. Lewis and Henry served with the 1st FL Infantry out of Pensacola, joined 1862. Any early info., I am Thanks

Linda Helms Stringer HELMS COX 10/31/01
Helms and Cox in Milton - Harold -Pace area, late 1800s
Researching the family of Charles Ingram Helms and his offspring. Charles Ingram Helms b. 17 April 1823 moved to Santa Rosa County in April of 1866, settling in the "Bagdad District" near Milton. He and his second wife, a widow named Margaret Julia Cox, reared many of his large family of children from his first marriage and had at least two children of their own.
He and his sons were in the timber business, as were many people in that era of FL history. It is family oral history that Charles Ingram Helms had a sawmill, and his younger son Jesse Perry Helms had a boat with which he towed barges of sawn lumber from the Helms sawmill to Pensacola. Other sons worked in the mill and in cutting timber for the mill. Some of Julia's children by her deceased husband James Cox also worked with them. One was named Milledge Cox, am unsure of the others but would very much like to know who they were.
On the 1870 Census in Santa Rosa Co. FL in household 37, there Charles I. (Sr.) is listed as age 47, wife "Julia" age 40, Children Daniel 20, Frances 18, Charles 15, Sibron 10, Jason 7, Jessie 4, Robert 1.
Is anyone researching this family? Would love to exchange information and learn more about his descendants families. Charles Ingram Helms, Sr. was my great great grandfather.
If you know of anyone else researching this line, I would love to know how to contact them. Thank you for your time, I hope someone will have a moment to respond.
Linda Helms Stringer
Linda Helms Stringer HELMS COX 1/31/03
Looking for contact with descendants of Charles Ingram Helms (b. 1823) through his many children. He was a resident of the Bagdad area of Santa Rosa County, then found on the Milton District 1885 State Census. He had a son, Charles Ingram Helms, Jr. and one (or both of them) was known as "Ink" Helms. He had 14 children by his first wife, and at least 2 by his second wife. His older surviving children lived in Coffee & Covington counties in AL, and the younger ones were living in Santa Rosa, present day Okaloosa, and Walton counties. Some of the younger children died in a yellow fever epidemic, per family oral history. Some of the children were known by nicknames, and I am not sure which child the nickname went with (Gardenia, Queenie, etc.) Some may have married again, these are the only spouses that I know. Known Children, in birth order (Note: many had 3-4 given names, but I sometimes don't know the whole name, sometimes they used 2 of the 3+ names at various times) -- James Allen Helms (b. 1841/2) m. Elizabeth Ann Adams John William Helms m. Barbara Ezell Mary Ann Elizabeth Helms m. James D. Martin Aaron Washington Helms m. Margaret Susannah Rudd Henry J. Helms m. Francis (surname unknown - b. 1850) Sarah Ann E. Helms m. George Washington Bishop Daniel Y. H. Helms m. Lorania Chance Martha A. L. Helms (either Martha A. L Helms or A. S. Helms - Census is hard to read) Frances A. E. M. Helms m. Milledge Cox (her stepbrother) Charles Ingram Helms, Jr. m. Margaret Jane Fountain Celina Helms Jason David Helms m. Emily Metz George Daniel Helms (some say he went by "Daniel" - I don't know) Sibron Helms Jessie Perry Helms m. Jimmie Georgia Cooper Robert Oscar Moses Helms (b. 1870) m. Sara Frances Wilkinson I have a good bit of information on him, but am hunting people who can fill in the gaps regarding his children's families - would appreciate hearing from those who descend from any of these early Helms. I don't have much information on his present day descendants, as the family line became so big I stopped with the 1920's era. Many descendants remained in Santa Rosa, present day Okaloosa, and Walton counties.
Dianne Holland HOLLAND 9/00
Trying to find out about a paper published in Milton in 1926. The Milton Gazette. Would like to get information on a father, Jesse Holland, killing his daughter, Ola, and then killing himself. I believe that this was a cousin of my father-in-law. There were ten children in this family. Had no idea we= could have had relatives in Milton. Can you help me. Dianne Holland
Richard F. Landrum HOWELL 06/29/02
I am trying to find information on the Daniel Howell Family who moved to Santa Rosa Co. from Coffee Co., Alabama after the Civil War. Daniel was married to a woman named Nancy J. ( last name unknown ) and had 11 children, Mason James, Amos, Dennis, James L., Lucinda, Henry Pope, Martha Mahalia, Simeon,Amelia ( Millie ), Susan and Nancy J.. It is possible that Dennis and James L. are the same person. They both show up on different Ala. census' but never on the same census. Any info on these would be appreciated. Thanks Bobbie Howell Landrum
Heidi Poschmann INGRAM ALLEN 02/01/02
I'm looking for info regarding my g-grandparents, Thomas INGRAM and his wife Jane/Jennie/June ALLEN. Possibly one or both of them from Creek Tribe. Thomas born in Alabama around 1867? J Allen, his wife b) FL. I believe around Milton, S.R. Co. They had several kids, one was my Gr-grandpa Bertie ALLEN b) 1894, d) 1947. My G-ma tells me they were all buried in the Milton Cemetary, but I can't find a cemetary listed under this name. If you have info, email me at Thank you, Heidi Poschmann
Heidi Poschmann INGRAM ALLEN CRAIN 02/02/02
I'm looking for info regarding my family. All buried in the Milton Cemetary, but I can't find a listing under this name so cemetary name may have changed. The names I'm looking for-gr-grandpa Bertie Allen INGRAM (1894-1947) born and died in Milton, FL. His mother Jnae/Jennie/June ALLEN INGRAM, also b) fla. (b.1870?) His father Thomas INGRM b) Alaa. d) FLA (1867?1927? or 28?) Also related to cherokee and non-cherokee CRAIN family. Bessie, Nancy, George CRAIN. Have info? Email me at Thank you, Heidi Poschmann
Miss Sam Heede JONES 3/10/01
I am trying to flesh out information on "Buck" Jones and Melissa Nelson who were married 27 Oct 1881 in Santa Rosa Co., Fla. He was L. Buchanan Jones, possibly Lewis Buchanan Jones. Found the marriage confirmation as L. Buchanan Jones. Another researcher obtained a birth certificate for their child, Nora Belle Jones, born 10 Mar 1884 at Jay, Fla. The certificate gave his name as just Buck Jones. I'm grasping at straws at this point! Since you are a Buchanan in the same area, does any of this ring a bell with you? Thanks for your time and for anything you can tell me. Sincerely yours, Miss Sam Heede
Clara Kimmons KIMMONS 3/02/01
I am searching the KIMMONS family name in Santa Rosa Co. in the late 1800's and 1900's. I have found Henry KIMMONS buried=Robinson Point Cem, but cannot find him anywhere else. The plaque that was erected has his name on it. I was told that KIMMONS lived in what is called Baypointe. Please help. Thanks, Clara Kimmons
Anne Landrum Anderton Landrum 11/21/01
We are currently researching the LANDRUM family line and are looking for any information on a JAMES M LANDRUM father of SAMUEL WINBURN LANDRUM. James is noted in the 1850 Santa Rosa census with the occupation stated as Lawyer. We believe that he is the same James M Landrum who was a signatory on the Florida constitution in 1865.
Any help would be gratefully accepted.Best Regards
Anne Landrum Anderton.
Jean Carter Lounsberry/Drake 5 Apr 2002
Searching for any information on Janette A. Lansbury (Lounsberry) b 1832 Santa Rosa County, Fl. d 1893 Butler County, AL. may have been married to (1) Dr. Castilian Drake of Milton, Florida. or he may have ben her step - father. 2nd marriage Aaron Jacob Odom b 1837 d 1885 Butler County, Al. Jean Carter
Jean Vettman Lonsbury 9/03/00
Searching for my GrGrGrandmother. Janette A. Lansbury b February 27, 1832 Santa Rosa Cty,Fl. d December 3 1885 Butler Cty,Al. 1st husband Peter Lonsbury or he could have been a brother to her? 2nd husband Aaron Jacob Odom,Jr.,b 1837 Burntcorn,Al.,d 1885 Butler Cty,Al Any information would be greatly appreciated. Jean
Tom Clarke LYNN 01/02
Jack Lynn, son of J. C. Lynn and Minnie, married Olivia Clarke of Mobile in George County, Mississippi in 1942. Were still residing in Santa Rosa Counaty, Florida in 1952. Seeking family information. Tom Clarke
Roy Eastes Maloy 11/08/01
I am searching for the family of William Maloy, Sr. His son,William Maloy, Jr. (middle initial may have been either M or J), was born supposedly in Santa Rosa Co, FL but Santa Rosa Co was not formed until 1842.So, he was probably born in Escambia Co. in the area where Santa Rosa is now. In 1850 census, I have located Maloys in 6 Counties in theFL panhandle and in 14 Counties in AL, 5 of these are just north of the FL panhandle. There is a Harriet Maloy shown in both Holmes and Jackson Counties, FL in the 1850 Census. She must have lived on the line and was counted by both sides! This wasWilliam Maloy's wife's name and may be the one we are looking for but noevidence other than the census. This is the line: Descendants of William Maloy, Sr. 1 William Maloy, Sr. .. +Harriet Forhand ......... 2 William M. Maloy 1840 - 1929 ............. +MaryLouise (Mary Jane) Brown 1850 - 1943 Does anyone have any prospective leads or suggestions forme? I have a Maloy/Malloy/Molloy Data Base of 4434 persons andwill search it for anyone with a lost relative. I too would appreciate any hints or suggestions for a lead! Best Regards Roy Eastes Gulfport, MS
Jean Carter Drake and Lounsberry October 2003
Searching for Bernice Manning Lounsberry Drake, b 9/25/1809 Ga. d 9/24/1870. Father was Robert Manning . First husband was Peter Lounsberry md abt 3/17/1831 Escambia Cty, Fl. 2 children: Peter and **Janette b 1832 d 1893 Butler Cty, Al. **Janette Lounsberry is my (Great Great Grandmother) second husband: Dr. Castillian J. Drake b 4/20/1805 Va. d 11/13/1884. Was told he was the first doctor for Milton and is buried at the Milton Cemetery. Would like a copy of this cemetery. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jean
Mathis/Mathews Mathis/Mathews 04/03
I am looking for info on Mary Jane Mathis / Mathews of Montgomery Al. She married Benjamin Franklin Lee of Santa Rosa Co. Fl. Both resided in the Pace area. Any info would be appreciated . Thanks, Ken Salter
Marie MATZ MCARTHUR 01/06/03
Nancy Bell McDUFFIE 5/22/01
I am looking for information on the McDuffie family, who may have been in Santa Rosa County, FL in the late 1800's.
Nancy Nilsen METTS STAFFORD 01/21/01
On 7 Apr 1872 Robert STAFFORD married Sarah A. Metts. Looking for them thereafter. Any info will be helpful. Thanks, Nancy
Peggy Hall Mundell 12/09/00
Hoping for information on my Grandfather Melville Mundell. Lived in Santa Rosa abt 1906-1910. Lived in Chicago previously. Born Alsace. Anything at all in re: this man will be very much appreciated. Peggy
Gabrielle Gutting Layfield Family July 27, 2003
I'm looking for information about the Olsen/Layfield family in Milton. John Olsen married Martha Layfield in 1891. They had 5 children: Muriel (married Walter), Margaret, Daphne, Frederick, and John E. Some time between 1902 and 1910, they moved to Mobile, Ala. Anyone having knowledge about the family, especially about Muriel, or knowing any living relatives, please contact me at
C Rankin, JR PACE 6/20/01
I am searching for information related to Quincy Charles Pace.He was born on 12 Feb.1887 in Santa Rosa County, Florida.He was married to Clarcy Nelson.She was born on 4 August 1887 in Munson,Santa Rosa County, Florida.She died 21 Feb.1970 in Pensacola,Florida.Quincy's father was Joe Pace and his mother was Mary Powell.It is believed that Quincy was adopted by the Paces.Mary Powell was born in 1870.She married Neil Faulk on 22 May1890 in Escambia County,Alabama.I would appreciate any information that is available about Quincy Charles Pace. Sincerely yours, Howard C.Rankin,Jr
Edna Malone REEDER 12/14/00
I am hunting anyone with last name Reeder. My GGrandmother's obit said she had 5 sisters in this area. They were not named, but she died in Mobile in 1922. Her name was Elizabeth(Betty) Reeder Malone Heiter. Her parents were Jesse Reeder and Eliza Caroline Givens. Thank You, Edna Malone
Carol Russell Russel, Partin 3/13/01
The Russells and Partins lived in Conecuh Co. Al in 1850 and JOHN R. RUSSELL entered the Civil War in Conecuh Co. He moved to Dixonville area Santa Rosa Co after the war and filed for a Pension in Fl. Any researchers and Information appreciated. Thanks, Carol
Linda Stringer Garrett Stanley 05/26/02
Researching the Garrett STANLEY family, who lived in both Covington County, AL and in Santa Rosa Co. FL in years before/after the civil war. Some of descendants lived in the Baker and Pace area. Possibly others in the Milton area, parallel lines (Helms, etc.) were in timber industry. Garrett Stanley b, 01 October 1827 AL d. 30 December 1913 wife: Harriet Taylor b. 12 January 1832 SC d. 08 January 1920 Both in Covington County, AL Known children: James, Sarah, Cullen E., John E., Nancy Jane, Garrett, Mary Ann, Lydia Ann, Matilda Some of their children died during the civil war.Another one died just after the end of the war. I know that Garrett's son John Stanley remained in the Baker, FL area. Descendants of the others - I am not sure. Would love to hear from anyone descending from these early NW FL STANLEYS
Regards, Linda Helms Stringer
Suzanne Bragg-Cantu Stateham, White 11 Jan 2003

Looking for information on Annie Stateham m John W. White,
in Santa Rosa Co. FL. She was Indian....(My Great GRandparents) They had a son named James William White. He m Rutha Byrd. (My Grandparents) Any/all infor would be appeciated.
Suzanne Bragg-Cantu

Dave Forehand WALLER, FOREHAND 10/18/03
I am looking for info on ANNIE WALLER, who married WESTON E FOREHAND on Oct. 26, 1912 in Santa Rosa Co. I seek info on her family(or herself) with her maiden name WALLER. Also seek info on WESTON AND ANNIE FOREHAND. Thank You--------------DAVE FOREHAND

Tracy WARD 03/27/03
Hi my name is Tracy and I'm looking for info on the wards that ran the ferry on black water river. If you can help that would be great Would really like more on his wife nancy ward or nancy knight Thank you Tracy

Helen Whitehurst Whitehurst 1890 Milton & Bagdad May, 2002
I am researching William Henry Whitehurst b. 1890 Milton. In 1910 Bagdad, he was a captain of a boat. He left before 1917 and I have been unable to find any further info. He married and had a son named for himself by 1920's. He was still working on a fishing boat around Carrabelle, FL.


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