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I have been searching my motherís side of the family. Iíve been working on this for at least two years. Iíve ordered death Certificates, made calls,, Ancestry.Com. I know my great-grandfather was William Robert Owens Born 1868-1949 and is buried in Crain Cemetery in Milton . I have even located a picture of him. William was married to Lula Gibson or Wagoner .Lula took her only two sons,Wilburn Owens and Mallory Owens and lived with Jeremiah King around 1904 Jeremiah did not like his name so he Went by Jim M King or James .Lula died around 1916 and Jim King had children by two sisters Catherine ďCarrieĒ Cobb and Alabama ďBamaĒ Cobb. Jim King is buried in Gonzalas Cemetery . I am trying to find any record of William Robert Owens or his sister Alice Elizabeth Owens who was a school teacher in Santa Rosa around 1890. William Robert Owens was said to be called ď Santa Rosa ís Will ď he married Fannie Ward and Had a daughter Polly Ann Owens 1910-1993 she was deaf and mute. James Owens [brother of William Owens] married Dicey Ann Reed ,they are buried In Crain Cemetery in Milton .William worked at the saw mills and he worked as a boss at one time witch sawmill I donít know my only serviving Uncle recalls His grandfather having large bags of silver dollars .Any thing you might know would greatly be appreciated .Some of the surnames are Ward ,Hinote, Reed ,and Atwell Thanks, Martha McCollough 251-342-6625 4205 BUCKINGHAM AVE. MOBILE, ALABAMA 36618-1602

Amanda Shirey-Kahoe Cody,Simmons 9 08/25/0
Hi I'm looking for my great grandmother (her grave etc) her name was Miley R Cody-Simmons she is listed in the 1910 Santa Rosa Census as living in Prec.#8 with her husband James E Simmons and her 3 children. I've been told she died in Sept of 1910, and since the census was taken in May I am assuming she dies in Santa Rosa County. If you can point me in a direction, or post on a query board that would be great THANKS Amanda Shirey-Kahoe Conner, Sennette 8/25/06

Hi, I'm interested in Martin Sennette/Conner ancestry. Martin Phautz Sennette,Walter Moreland Conner and Oscar Weir Conner are ancestors that I am researching. Thanks so much, Anne Sennette Mabes. Holt Cemetery Wilson,King

Seeking location of HOLT Cemetery, Milton, FL to find relatives graves. Also seeking descendents of: Benjamin Franklin WILSON and wife: Elizabth Jane KING and her parents: John F. KING and Marta J. COVINGTON. Thanks so much. JOHNSON February 25, 2009

I am doing genealogy research on Mose Johnson who lived in Coon Hill (Chumuckla) Fl. He passed away in February 1936, was married to Rosa Lee. He had a peg leg and was Africian American. I am the daughter of his son Zema ( who is known by nickname "Suid" ). I am sure the Enfinger's and Jernigan's know of us. We visited Mr. Enfinger ( Chumuckla ) last year before my Dad passed away in September. Through your web site I was able to locate the marriage date for my grandfather but I am seeking any additional information that might help me to locate who his parents were etc From what I've been able to gather, he was from South Carolina. So any information that can be shared would be appreciated. I am also the niece of Mittie & Alonzo Johnson who lived in Chumuckla for years. EarthLink Revolves Around You. Smith, Watson

Iím looking for information on my great-grandfather, James David Smith, he also went by JD Smith. He was born in April 1886 and married Frances Antionette Watson in May 1910 in Santa Rosa County. In 1920, he was living in Milton, FL. After Frances died, he married Alice Chapman in March 1925 in Santa Rosa County. He died in 1936, in Escambia County and is buried in Old Holt Cemetery. Iíve been told he was a Sunday school superintendent (donít know the church), and died of tuberculosis. Iím looking for information on his ancestors, or about him in general. Any help or direction would be helpful. Thanks so much!! Krissy Rumpf


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